World's First-ever "Visioning Esports in Art" Exhibition officially opens

Showcasing winning artwork from "Esports Digital Arts Prizes 2019"
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HONG KONG, Jan. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In this generation of flourishing multimedia platforms, art lovers are craving for new canvases and artists are longing for novel mediums for creative expression. In light of the emergence of digital creativity, Niio, the premium platform for new media art trusted by leading artists launches the world's first ever Esports-inspired digital art exhibition - "Visioning Esports in Art" Exhibition from today until 12th February 2020 at Hong Kong's hot spot for esports and digital entertainment, Cyberport. The exhibition is illuminating the screens on the Cyberport campus to become captivating digital canvases to showcase the close to 30 innovative and winning artworks from all over the world.

World's first-ever Digital Art Exhibition in alliance with Esports

The understanding of arts at present times has been expanded to acknowledge pixels, lighting, sounds, three-dimensional graphics, animations and more. Seeing the opportunities brought by this blossoming diversity, Niio debuts its first Esports digital art exhibition, "Visioning Esports in Art" in Hong Kong. As the premium platform for new media art, Niio offers a variety of quality curated artworks to businesses, and extends to the acknowledgement by renowned global artist, gallery, curators and collectors, encouraging the exploration for the dynamics of digital arts and enhancing creativity through diversities.

"Visioning Esports in Art" Exhibition is located at Aracde@Cyberport, where the brand new esports venue was just launched last July. The main exhibition area at the Ocean View Court is equipped with 3 large ultra-HD digital panels to exhibit the spectacular winning artwork. The exhibition extends to the areas of IT Street and the Podium with comprehensive information about the innovative concept of Esports digital art and a series of handpicked artworks from Niio's diverse collection on display.

Debuting the outstanding artwork from "Esports Digital Arts Prizes 2019"

This exhibition will showcase the three winning pieces and ten shortlisted outstanding artworks from the "Esports Digital Arts Prizes 2019" in Hong Kong for the first time. Along with a series of handpicked artworks from Niio, the exhibition aims to present the fascinating collision between art, culture and technology through art collected from all over the world.

This year's top prize goes to the French multidisciplinary artist Michel Platnic. His fascinating digital artwork "Genesis" draws inspiration from the biblical narrative of the creation of the world, and is composed of pictorial, sculptural, theatrical and cinematographic mediums. Platnic expressed at the Award Ceremony, "I am delighted to showcase my work in Hong Kong for the very first time. I really enjoy the groundbreaking "Esports Digital Arts Prizes 2019" which allows different artists to explore the endless possibilities of digital arts by presenting novel creations, and I look forward to bringing my work to East Asia."

Other winning artworks include second-place winner Ayelet Carmi and Meirav Heiman from Israel, with their work "The Israel Trail: Procession" and the third-place winner Claudia Hart from the United States, with her work "Alice Unchained".

The "Visioning Esports in Art" Exhibition is now open until 12th February 2020 at Cyberport with free admission. Visitors are encouraged to choose their favourite artwork via the app Snappop. By scanning the Cyberport logo with mobile phones, users will be directed to pick their adored artwork and to instantly view the voting result. In addition, by scanning the logo of "Visioning Esports in Arts" Exhibition, participants can enjoy and experience 3 different AR games.

"Visioning Esports in Art" Exhibition

Date: Today - 12th February 2020
Opening hours: 10am - 7pm
Venue: Arcade @ Cyberport, 100 Cyberport Road, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong (Main exhibition area)
Admission: Free

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About Niio

Niio is the premium global platform for digital art, providing seamless access to a significant, curated catalog of video and new media art which is experienced across physical spaces on any type of screen or digital canvas. To experience the art, Niio offers a subscription service to access pre-curated, rotating collections of high quality works. There are also catalogs of limited edition works, available for purchase.

Niio is trusted by a Top Tier community of artists, galleries, curators and collectors from around the world, who use Niio's Art Management patented technology tools to store and share, publish & showcase, distribute & professionally display their works.

Today, Niio hosts over 10,000 artworks, is used by 2,000 established artists, galleries, and institutions from over 52 countries, and has a global network of art advisors and hardware partners that enable local installation, service and support. Niio was founded by Rob Anders and Oren Moshe to reach and inspire people everywhere - through meaningful, thought-provoking, art experiences. Niio is HQ'd in Tel Aviv with presence in the US and Hong Kong.

About Esports Digital Arts Prize 2019

Esports Digital Arts Prize is the first art competition with the theme of Esports and opened to new media artists across the globe. Winners will receive USD5,000 with a Niio 4k Art Player while shortlisted artworks will be showcased at Cyberport, where screens at the Esports venue and across the campus are turned into top-tier digital canvases. The competition has received an overwhelming amount of 148 entries from emerging and blue-chip artists from all over the world, including Hong Kong and internationally, such as the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Thailand, Argentina, Israel, the UK, Germany, France and more.

Esports Digital Arts Prize 2019 winning and shortlisted outstanding artworks

Champion - "Genesis" by Michel Platnic
1st Runner-up - "The Israel Trail: Procession" by Ayelet Carmi & Meirav Heiman
2nd Runner-up - "Alice Unchained" by Claudia Hart

10 Shortlisted Outstanding Artworks
"Skinning/True Mesh 16:9 Full Time Texture" by Linnea Bågander
"2065 (Barbican Edition)" by Lawrence Lek
"AXIS - Eclipse" by Daniel Belton and Good Company Arts
"Horror Vacui" by Matteo Zamagni
"Inside The Flower Matrix" by Claudia Hart
"Karst" by Snow Yunxue Fu
"The Floating Life" by Ran Slavin
"The Gift" by Xia Han
"Travel Notebooks Bilbo" by Silvia De Gennaro         
"WarCraft" by Nevet Yitzhak

Source: Niio
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