2013 APEC China Day Held In Bali Indonesia

BEIJING, Oct. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit will be held in Bali, Indonesia from October 5th to 8th, 2013. "Towards Resilience and Growth, Reshape the Priorities of Global Economy -- APEC China Day" event was held at Udayana University in Bali, Indonesia to promote the economic, cultural, non-governmental exchanges and understandings between China and the APEC host country. Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Dr. Zhang Lijun, Chairman of China APEC Development Council, representatives from APEC Economies, Students of Udayana University, Chinese Indonesian, and the world media representatives attended the "APEC China Day"

"2013 APEC China Day", as one of the activities of 2013 APEC Summit, is jointly held and organized by the Institute for Peace and Democracy of Udayana University, China APEC Development Council and China APEC Academy of Nankai University. Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard made a wonderful speech on the event. Dr. Zhang Lijun, Chairman of APEC Development Council and Chairman of Board of VODONE Ltd. also gave a brilliant speech about the three key issues, which are "developed economies achieve the free trade cooperation in 2010; developing economies achieve the Bogor Goals of free trade cooperation before 2015 , initiating APEC members to work together to promote sustainable economic growth, making all stakeholders share the fruits of economic growth and ensuring a sustainable and equitable social growth, and achieving the supply chain performance of the region increasing 10% and finally promoting the interoperability of the region. Apart from that, Dr. Zhang Lijun also made a highlighted speech on how China should have a better way of speaking out in APEC, and let outside world have a better understanding of China and how China can use the APEC leverage to promote China's economic reform.

According to the speech made by Dr. Zhang Lijun, Chairman of China APEC Development Council, "APEC China Day" event was first initiated by Press Research Center of Hawaii University and held and organized by Chinese Students Association of Hawaii University, East and West Centre of Hawaii University and China APEC Development Council in 2011. "2013 APEC China Day" is the second session and the event will be kept on going in the future as one of the series of theme activities of APEC Summit. As for why "China Day" event is being held, Zhang Lijun stated as one of the 21 APEC economies, China's international influence is growing with its presence at APEC Summit every year and becoming a hot spot focused by the APEC economies, especially as the largest emerging economy of APEC, China's stand and policy on APEC, particularly in some sensitive issues affecting the APEC process, is widespread concerned by the APEC members. 21 APEC members have different appeals, but whether these appeals are compatible with China's aspirations or not? It is also widely concerned. Furthermore, China Day will be a fabulous platform for government, business and academia exchange and a kind of public diplomacy which can promote frank exchanges on China issues between the APEC members as well as adjust the context of China among governments, companies, and media in advance during the APEC meeting.

Source: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation