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SHANGHAI, June 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the launch of Shanghai City's global promotion campaign, "Shanghai. Let's Meet!" at Expo Milano last year, The Information Office of Shanghai Municipality their global campaign to London in 2016, headlining with the "Home - Town" exhibition at the Alfred Dunhill Mayfair 'Home', Bourdon House. As a special event that celebrates the sisterhood of two iconic cities, Shanghai and London, an opening ceremony that features cultural arts, crafts and performances, was hosted during the afternoon of June 13th. The exhibition will run for a week from June 13th to June 18th and complement a series of initiatives meant to bring the two cities closer.

Shanghai City's global promotion campaign was developed to amplify a new modern vision of Shanghai, boost its cultural influence and communicate its true emotional identity. The campaign slogan "Shanghai, Let's Meet!", was shaped from Shanghai's rich heritage as a place of cultural convergence. After being promoted previously in Paris and Milan, the slogan is used this year to further promote exchanges and cooperation in the cultural and creative industries between Shanghai and London.

Chen Jingxi, Deputy Director of Shanghai Information Office, said "With the success of launching the Shanghai promotion at Expo Milano 2015 last year, we hope to make a stronger impact on our next destination of global collaborations. We are excited to be partnering this year with our counterparts in London for this intersection of cultural exchange. We have always had a strong bond with London and being able to move a step closer helps to strengthen our partnership even more."

The 2016 "Amazing Shanghai" city campaign in London is composed by a series of robust events and collaborations. The headline event is the photography exhibition "Home - Town", a photographic showcase of the two cities and their concrete substance in a cultural and spiritual context. Held at Alfred Dunhill's Bourdon House, the artworks serve to transform Bourdon House into a Shanghai home within its sister city and provide visitors an immersive journey to Shanghai's culture.

A professional roundtable discussion on "Twinned Cities and their Cultural Visions" was also hosted by the British Council and Shanghai with expert attendees from the government, academic, and cultural industry of both cities. Collaborative deliverables are expected as outcomes of this roundtable to further materialize the two cities' cultural interactions.

In complement, a series of activities were scheduled across London, including a partnership luncheon at the Millennium Mayfair London. Joining as ambassadors of the campaign were Hu Ge, a famous Chinese actor, and Charlie Siem, one of UK's brightest classical violinists. Hu Ge was also designated as "VisitBritain's Goodwill Ambassador for China" during the opening ceremony of the campaign.

For a more detailed overview and agenda of the Shanghai City global promotion campaign in London, please review the additional "London Initiatives" document found below.

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London Initiatives

Home - Town (June 13th - June 18th)

"Home - Town" is a photography and videography exhibition on Shanghai. The exhibition showcases artworks from invited artists from China and abroad that have shared their interpretations of Shanghai and what "hometown" means to them. Through their artistic lens on Shanghai's city landscape, city development, cultural characteristics and heritage, the exhibition reveals the urban images of the metropolis and its concrete substance in a cultural and spiritual context. Invited artists include the renowned designer Alan Chan, one of the China's most popular actors Hu Ge, and photographers Chen Haiwen, Wang Wei and Xiang Sun.

Also of note is a special partnership between Dunhill and the Chinese brand Duo Yun Xuan, a veteran of over 100 years of history in traditional Chinese arts and crafts. The two organizations have paired to create special traditional limited edition tea sets to commemorate the event.

Held in Alfred Dunhill's Bourdon House, the venue also features a variety of Chinese traditional arts and crafts throughout the exhibition. In the heart of Mayfair, London, the historic building was built in 1720 and was later used as the Duke of Westminster's residence in the early 1910s. Bourdon House represents the classic elegance and prominence of British heritage; its Discovery Room on the second floor was often chosen as a premiere venue for art, antique and design exhibitions. Shanghai is the first city to take up residency of the space and will use it as the main stage for its 2016 global brand campaign.

Roundtable Discussion: "Twinned Cities and their Cultural Visions -- Reflecting on the Cultural Links between London and Shanghai" (June 13th)

Professional roundtable discussion attended by both Shanghai and London delegates was held at the British Council headquarters. Such delegates included representatives from the Information Office of Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Shanghai Tower, ThinkTank International Ltd., British Council, Global Cities, World Cities Culture Forum, and John Howkins (author of "The Creative Economy"), all of whom sat down to reflect effective ways to raise the profiles of the two cities and to suggest or establish collaborative actions to further enhance the cultural relationships between London and Shanghai.

"Shanghai Meets London" Luncheon (June 13th)

A welcome luncheon for the Shanghai delegation and its British partners was hosted by the Shanghai Tower, Millennium Hotels and Resorts, and Branding Shanghai. This event took place at the Millennium Hotel Mayfair where the British army officially announced the victory of Waterloo in 1825. Thus, the hotel put on a special historic surprise for guests of the luncheon. A presentation from Shanghai Tower, as the tallest building in China and 2nd tallest in the world, was presented as how an iconic landmark located in the center of one of the world's most influential financial district plans to contribute to the sustained development of the region. Also, a strategic partnership between Branding Shanghai and Millennium Hotel and Resorts was also announced at this event while both will work together to the promotion of Shanghai's global brand image. As a UK listed group, Millennium Hotel and Resorts shows its commitment to help promote Shanghai in its global hotel network. Celebrities Hu Ge and Charlie Siem also joined as the promotion ambassadors and provide notes on their hometowns -- Shanghai and London.

List of Campaign Partners

Hosted by:

Information Office of Shanghai Municipality:

The Information Office of Shanghai Municipality, is one of the departments of Shanghai Municipal Government for news release, media services and international communication. The office aims to showcase Shanghai in an objective and accurate way by offering a range of services to media from home and abroad, and organize promotional events worldwide.

Shanghai Municipal Education Commission:

Shanghai Municipal Education Commission is established as one of the departments of Shanghai Municipal Government for educational areas. Its main functions include researching and implementing laws and regulations of education, researching and proposing education development and reform strategies, conducting overall planning and macro management school systems, examining and verifying institutions, guiding and promoting the construction of a learning society.

Shanghai International Culture Association:

Shanghai International Culture Association (SICA) was founded in 1986 as a municipal-level people's organization that conducts non-governmental international cultural exchanges. Its function is to strengthen mutual understanding and friendly cooperation between Shanghai and the rest of the world. It serves to enhance Shanghai's economic growth, scientific progress, and cultural output through people to people engagement in international cultural exchange.

Organized by:

Branding Shanghai:

Branding Shanghai (Shanghai City Branding Center) is a registered Non-Profit Organization, officially supported by the Shanghai Municipal Government. Branding Shanghai was established to promote the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai around the world, integrating resources across governmental entities, business, media, education and social organizations.

Official Partners:

Shanghai Tower:
As the third tower in the trio of signature skyscrapers at the heart of Shanghai's Lujiazui Financial Zone in Pudong, the Shanghai Tower embodies a new prototype for tall buildings. At 632 meters, the majestic high-rise boasts 127 floors above ground and 5 floors below ground with a total construction space of 578,000 square meters. The new tower rises high above the skyline, its curved facade and spiralling form symbolizing the dynamic emergence of modern China. More than a landmark, the mixed-use tower offers a sustainable way of living in a vertical city, with a unique mix of restaurants, shops, offices, and hotels spaced throughout the building. Shanghai Tower is currently the tallest building in China and the second-tallest in the world.

Since 1893, dunhill has remained synonymous with a very British type of masculine elegance. Innovative products and uncompromising quality were the accomplishment of the young businessman Alfred Dunhill, and these values are central to the continued success of the brand. Today, the house remains faithful to the enduring spirit of its founder, and has for many years been associated with the finest in luxury menswear.

Through the use of modern design and attention to detail, dunhill delivers products of exceptional quality to customers all over the world. These products are not solely beautiful; they must also be practical -- merging the aesthetic with the functional. From clothing to accessories, dunhill's collections are testament to Alfred Dunhill's commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Millennium Hotels and Resorts:
Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc (LSE: MLC), listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1996, is a global hotel company, which owns, asset manages and/or operates a worldwide portfolio of over 125 hotels across eight distinct global brands -- Grand Millennium, Millennium, Grand Copthorne, Copthorne, M Hotel, M Social, Studio M and Kingsgate -- throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and North America.

Millennium Hotels and Resorts (MHR) was established as a global brand by Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc to provide a common marketing and operating platform across its portfolio. Founded on the philosophy of genuine hospitality, this dynamic hospitality group has an outstanding reputation for excellence, taking pride in exceeding the needs of its business and leisure travellers. The strategic localities of its properties in key gateways cities such as London, Paris, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok makes MHR the perfect address to conduct your business or indulge yourself while on holiday.

Supported by:

British Council:

The British Council was founded to create a friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and the wider world. We call this work cultural relations.

We work in over 100 countries, connecting millions of people with the United Kingdom through programmes and services in the English language, the Arts, Education and Society. We believe these are the most effective means of engaging with others, and we have been doing this work since 1934.

Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts:

Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Fudan University (SIVA), launched in Sep. 2005, is a new Art & Design institute with independent legal status approved by National Ministry of Education, under Fudan University.

Located in Songjiang University Town, Shanghai, SIVA covers an area of 66 hectares, with a total investment of 900 million RMB in campus building and the teaching facilities. The campus building covers an area of 186 thousand square meters. It comprises seven schools including School of Design, School of New Media and Art, School of Fashion Design, School of Fine Arts, School of Performing Art, School of Cultural Creative Industrial Management and School of Foundation Courses. To cultivate the students to be innovative and practical, SIVA sets its goal in the running of the university: Developing into a practice-oriented university culturally and socially with innovation and the integration of education of skill and art at the core.

Produced by:

RTG Consulting Group:

With a changing consumer and industry models constantly evolving, our mission is to ensure our partner brands stay relevant.

At RTG Consulting Group, we do away with archaic segmentation, converging intuitive research (INTUITION), entrepreneurial management consulting (SOLUTIONS), and inspirational creative (INSPIRE) -- with all three offerings under one roof. RTG is the key agency for the campaign and developed the brand concept for "Shanghai. Let's Meet!"

ThinkTank International Limited:

A well-established branding and business advisory team of seasoned professionals that helps companies seeding opportunities and growing results between China, the U.S. and Western Europe.

ThinkTank has solid track records in strategic partners' selection and negotiation, consultation in government relations, supply chain, and strategic development in building a business ecosystem.

ThinkTank delivers results.

Exhibition Curated by:

MY studio:

MY studio was established 2013 in Shanghai, the founder Mimi YAN is the former chief editor of ELLE DECORATION CHINA Magazine.

MY studio focuses on curations of art and culture exhibition. The mission is to link creative people from various aspects of society and to guide audiences to experience and appreciate culture and art.

In 2016, MY studio is launching a new digital media project "adooor", which is an avant-garde solution to promote the exhibitions through social media to the Chinese audience.

Promotion Ambassadors:

Hu Ge:

Hu Ge, born in Shanghai, 1982 -- Chinese actor, singer, producer. Hu has starred in over 14 TV series, 2 movies and released 3 music albums since 2004. As one of the leading actors in China, Hu is well recognized for his contribution in the entertainment sector. He has won the Best Actor of "The Tripod Award" in China twice and has received and been nominated to various awards in Asia.

In January 2016, Hu was designated as the Shanghai Tourism Ambassador and has been actively promoting Shanghai with his positive public image. He is now a promotion ambassador for the Shanghai City campaign in London and is also designated as "VisitBritain's Goodwill Ambassador for China" at the opening ceremony of the campaign.

Charlie Siem:

Charlie Siem is one of today's foremost young violinists. Born in London to a Norwegian father and a British mother, he began to play violin at the age of three after he heard a broadcast recording of Beethoven's Violin Concerto by Yehudi Menuhin. Siem was educated at Eton College; prior he majored in Music as an undergraduate at Cambridge University. From 1998 to 2004 he studied with Itzhak Rashkovsky in London at the Royal College of Music, and since 2004 Shlomo Mintz has mentored him. Siem is passionate about bringing classical music to new audiences around the world. In addition to his classical performance career, Siem has revived the age-old violinist tradition of composing virtuosic variations of popular themes.

As a great believer in giving to worthwhile causes, Siem is an ambassador of The Prince's Trust. He is also a visiting professor at Leeds College of Music, making him the youngest professor in Britain. He gives master classes around the world -- most recently at the Royal College of Music, London. Siem is a promotion ambassador for the Shanghai City Campaign in London.

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