360 Terminal Security Technology Wins Global Award

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SAN FRANCISCO, April 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- During the recent RSA Conference, 360 Enterprise Security Group's Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) won the Cutting Edge Award from CDM, a famous American network security magazine. It will help further strengthen the say of Chinese enterprises in the field of world network security.

CDM magazine's Cutting Edge award is selected by a group of highly qualified information security experts at the world level, and after months of rigorous tests and reviews, the award is generally awarded to the most advanced and highly technological innovation security product of the year. 360's winning of the award is a result of its many years of deep ploughing in the field of network security.

In recent years, EDR has been a hot spot in the field of endpoint security. Many traditional manufacturers such as Symantec and Kabasiji have stepped efforts to complement their own short boards and strengthen the construction and investment in the field of EDR in an attempt to provide a complete solution for integrated endpoint protection.

360 Enterprise Security Group is the first among traditional security manufacturers to make deployment in the EDR field, and 360 EDR is also China's first new generation terminal security products for rapid detection and response to advanced threats. It is the realization of the data driven security technology concept in the area of endpoint security.

Wu Yunkun, President of 360 Enterprise Security Group, said the traditional security defense system is slow because of its independent operation of security devices. Attackers can enter the enterprise intranet only at a low cost, and have plenty of time to find and get the data they are interested in. The 360 EDR system can interact with other security devices configured by the enterprise to form an effective coordination defense system, greatly reducing the attacker's attack time and improving its attack cost.

Zhang Cong, vice president of 360 Enterprise Security Group and director of EDR, said that 360 EDR, which is driven by threat intelligence, adopts a new "attack and defense inversion" idea, which changed the phenomenon that the original defender was successfully infiltrated as a result of a defensive fault. The system can quickly lock the threat terminal through the latest security clues, and evaluate the attacked terminal through real-time data and historical terminal information, and then reveal the security defects of the intranet terminal, and carry out the corresponding disposal through the automatic response mechanism to achieve effective defense and the purpose of security protection.

Compared with the traditional means of security defense, the advantages of the 360 EDR system are that it can continuously penetrate the information of the security activities of intranet endpoints, and combine the 360 data threat information and other clues to quickly retrieve and locate the failed intranet endpoints, and provide an automatic response to the threat event at the same time. In order to achieve better results and faster efficiency in confronting the advanced threats, it can reduce the attacker's attack time to the maximum, and reduce the possibility for advanced threat to reach its goal.

"Under the guidance of big data threat Intelligence, the 360 EDR system can decompose a complex advanced threat security response to a series of action processes, such as location, evaluation, response and repair, and thus solve the problem that is difficult to deal with about the advanced threat," Wu Yunkun said.

At present, 360 Enterprise Security Group, driven by the "data driven security" technology concept, has formed a complete technology, product, operation and service system in the EDR field, helping thousands of customers to build a complete security system based on active defense capabilities.

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