360 Mobile Security Limited Finds That More Than Half Compromised Devices Were Infected by Privacy Stealing Malware in its Q2 2015 Malware and Vulnerability Report

Mobile Security Report Reveals Serious Privacy Stealing Malware Impacting U.S. Android Market
2015-07-28 19:59 1792

BEIJING, July 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- 360 Mobile Security Limited, a leading developer of mobile antivirus and performance applications with a core product 360 Security, today announced the findings from its quarterly report, "Q2 2015 Malware and Vulnerability Report." This quarter's report reveals that of the devices that were compromised by malware in the U.S., more than half were infected by privacy-stealing malware.

"It is widely, but wrongly believed that malware causes no serious problems beyond slowing down a mobile phone and possibly crashing a device. The truth is, however, that mobile malware attacks are growing in sophistication and exploiting vulnerabilities that can not only compromise sensitive data, but lead to identity theft and serious financial loss," said Yan Huang, COO of 360 Mobile Security.

From an analysis of more than 200 million Android devices, the Q2 2015 Malware and Vulnerability Report uncovered major threats among Android mobile devices and exposed large shares of privacy stealing malware and performance impacted adware.

According to data from the International Data Corporation (IDC), vendors shipped a total of 334.4 million smartphones worldwide in the first quarter of 2015 (1Q15) and Android dominated the market with a 78.0% share. With such an outstanding market share and with an open, consumer-focused nature, Android OS is becoming an easier target for malwares. Greater than 97% of mobile malware targets Android devices, whereas iOS malware takes less than 1% of the share.

Key Findings of the report

One out of every one hundred mobile devices (1.4%) in around the globe was infected by malware in Q2 2015

One out of every one hundred mobile devices (1.4%) in the global market was infected by malware in Q2 2015. This finding is consistent with Google's in their "Android Security 2014 Year in Review" report, which shows that less than 1% of Android devices have any malware. The slight variance comes from difference in investigation span and definition of malware.

Exactly 81.2% of devices (4.4 and earlier) are exposed to TowelRoot

Successful exploitation of the Linux bug within the Android operating system would give the attacker administrative access to a victim's phone. Specifically, such access could potentially allow that same attacker to run further malicious code, retrieve files and device data, and bypass third-party or enterprise security applications.

0.2% of the mobile devices in the U.S. market were infected by malware in Q2 2015

0.2% of the devices in the U.S. were infected by malware in the second quarter of 2015. Again this finding is consistent with Google's in their "Android Security 2014 Year in Review" report, which shows "fewer than 0.15% of devices that download only from Google Play had a PHA installed." The percentage of mobile devices infected by malware around the globe (1.4%) is higher than that in the U.S. market (0.2%) because the former includes devices in regions such as south Asia where people download apps from untrustworthy third-party stores outside Google Play, while the latter represents a market where people download apps almost only from Google Play.

Of the 0.2% infected devices in the U.S. market, more than half (62%) were infected by privacy-stealing malware

Privacy-stealing malware focused on mobile devices compromise sensitive data such as contacts, locations, pictures and login credentials. By stealing sensitive data from mobile devices, hackers can gain access to a user's financial data, enabling bad actors to black-mail the user, or simply sell the data on the black market.

Of the 0.2% infected devices in the U.S. market, 13% were infected by malicious Adware and 11% by Expense Malware

Adware is any software package that automatically renders advertisements in order to generate revenue and can impact performance and the mobile user experience. Expense malware is more dangerous and involves unpermitted expenditures -- usually exploiting existing apps installed on mobile devices.

The 360 Mobile Security Limited, "Q2 2015 Malware and Vulnerability Report," is dedicated to help better understand the evolving mobile malware landscape, to guide the industry and raise people's attention and awareness to help protect their personal data.

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Launched in June 2013, the 360 Security app for Android devices is one of Google Play's top antivirus applications. With more than 200 million downloads globally, the 360 Security application is enhancing consumers' mobile experiences by securing and improving the performance of their devices. Key features of the app include optimization of device performance with freed up memory and prolonged battery life, as well as regular detection and protection against viruses, adware, malware, trojans and more.

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