37Games' Makes First Appearance At GDC with Six Star Products

2016-03-25 21:00 1765

SHANGHAI, March 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- 37Games made its debut at this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC), bringing along its star products, i.e. Felspire, Guardians of Divinity, Nightfalls, Siegelord, Fusion War and Chaos Combat.

GDC was held on March 14th in San Francisco and lasted six days. As the world's largest and oldest gaming exhibition, GDC is a premiere event for developers and publishers all over the world to display their latest products, learn from each other, and find new opportunities.

The year 2016 is a turning point for 37Games in terms of international operations. The company has revealed its plan to make international publishing one of its key goals this year. In fact, 37Games started its overseas expansion early in 2012 and has done quite well in the Taiwanese and Southeast Asian markets. The company is relatively new to the European and American markets, with comprehensive operations beginning in 2015. However, some of its star products, like Siegelord, have built a significant user base in Turkey, Germany, France, as well as some native English-speaking countries.

37Games now has a monthly turnover of nearly 100 million RMB in overseas markets, and its international game platform covers more than 70 countries. With its international operations thriving, the company has begun to carry out further expansion plans. Not long ago, the company invested $3.16 million USD into a Canadian VR game developer called Archiact as its first step towards virtual reality applications. This investment is part of 37Games' "Rising Dragon" plan to build an international entertainment empire.

Li Yi Fei, the founder of 37Games, is confident about the company's future, "We are currently more of a game publisher than a developer in our overseas markets. But our increasing number of partnerships with popular studios will facilitate our transformation. 37Games will one day be an international entertainment empire, capable of both developing and publishing quality games throughout the world," he said.

In addition to exhibiting their latest games and finding new business opportunities, representatives of 37Games at GDC also participated in some of the seminars that were part of the show, such as the Game Career Seminar and the Game Developers Choice Awards.

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