3 Hong Kong Partners With Novarra to Launch Mobile Video Service Delivering Real Time Adaptation and Streaming of Internet Video

2007-12-05 20:06 683

Consumers have access to millions of web videos on their mobile handsets

CHICAGO, Dec. 5 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Novarra, the leader in mobile web gateway platforms and services, today announces that 3 Hong Kong, the mobile telecommunications operation of Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited, has launched a new premium service to deliver full streaming video from the web, using its Vision Internet Platform. 3 Hong Kong's customers can now seamlessly select and watch millions of videos from the web, using their existing handsets. The Vision product suite now includes advanced real time transformation of web videos into mobile-compatible formats across the range of 2.5G and 3G handsets. The service provides access to the full web, a PC-quality video experience and a dramatic reduction in network bandwidth -- all of which are required for broad consumer deployments.

Using the service, consumers can watch any video on popular web sites such as YouTube and Facebook and is available at launch on 25 deployed handsets. The video service will be included in the new 3Xplorer 2.0 package, a premium offering priced at HK$10 on top of the 3Xplorer service which is offered at HK$28 per month. The 3Xplorer 2.0 service is built using products developed by Novarra for multi-media and for web that are based on the company's core Vision Internet Platform.

Novarra's Vision Media Server provides real-time transformation of video content, from any PC format to industry standard mobile formats, while optimising for the specific device and media player capabilities. In addition, the server dynamically adapts video encoding rates to achieve optimal quality based on available network bandwidth. The Vision servers for web and media are fully integrated to provide a scalable multi-media solution. Novarra also provides Java and BREW micro-clients which seamlessly integrate video playback into the web browser with a PC-like user interface.

Amy Lung, Chief Operating Officer -- Mobile of Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong commented: "Our strategy is to introduce 3Xplorer 2.0 and mobile video to coincide with the launch of popular web 2.0 sites like YouTube Hong Kong. We are expanding our partnership with Novarra, the mobile internet expert, because innovation and content choice are fundamental to our successful consumer offerings -- further setting us apart from competition."

"Leading operators like 3 Hong Kong are leveraging the demand for internet and consumer willingness to pay for the value of anytime, anywhere access," said Jayanthi Rangarajan, president and CEO of Novarra. "Our new video offering provides the usability, scalability and network performance to achieve successful consumer uptake."

Novarra's Vision Internet Platform is a proven, carrier-grade solution for next-generation content and services which delivers the benefits of content adaptation, content reduction, acceleration, optimisation, real-time media, filtering, and services definition on a single platform. It fits seamlessly with portal, network and billing infrastructure. Novarra's full browsers and micro-clients (Java, BREW and C++) provide industry leading performance and mobile usability.

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Novarra is the leading provider of high performance mobile web gateway platforms for operators and content providers to create new internet-based services and revenue streams. Novarra developed the first server-client architecture for web content transformation and optimization designed for mobile devices and networks. Novarra's open standards-based platforms deliver a high quality mobile user experience for services like full rich web, search, premium portals, personalization and advertising. Global commercial deployments over 5 years on both 2.5G and 3G have proven consumer satisfaction, uptake and data services revenue.

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Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong is committed to providing high quality mobile telecommunication services, telecom retail services and call centre services in Hong Kong and Macau, as well as mobile telecommunications consultancy services in Mainland China. It is also the first operator in Hong Kong to roll out world-class 3G service under the "3" brand, leading Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong's technical and service excellence into the 3G era.

Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong is a subsidiary of Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited ("Hutchison Telecom"). Hutchison Telecom is a leading listed telecommunications operator (SEHK:2332; NYSE: HTX) focusing on dynamic markets. It currently offers mobile and fixed-line telecommunication services in Hong Kong, and operates mobile telecommunications services in Israel, Macau, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Indonesia and Vietnam.

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