4ipnet Unveils New Multi-Tenancy and Social Wi-Fi Enhancements for Flexible Wireless Deployment and Effective Customer Insights

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TAIPEI, , Dec. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- 4ipnet today announced a major expansion of its Wi-Fi hotspot and access control solution, offering service providers and organizations with additional deployment architecture flexibility, expanded multi-tenancy functionality, and improved social Wi-Fi data collection. Businesses can utilize these features to further optimize wireless infrastructure costs, deliver new experiences for customers, and obtain valuable insights from the Wi-Fi network.

4ipnet's Wi-Fi solution offers social media login, effective customer insights, and multi-tenancy applications.
4ipnet's Wi-Fi solution offers social media login, effective customer insights, and multi-tenancy applications.

Flexible Split Tunnel Architecture for Increased Performance

In addition to the benefits of decreased bandwidth consumption and improved latency, 4ipnet's split tunnel deployment architecture also provides added value to its on-demand billing platform, enabling new application scenarios. For example, chain hotels with multiple sites can deploy a single WHG controller-gateway in the data center, rather than the traditional method of one gateway per site. The hotels will be able to minimize TCO without sacrificing features such as volume or duration-based accounting, which is commonly used in free and premium tiered Wi-Fi packages.

Furthermore, a single access point can simultaneously have unique tunnel type configurations for each SSID. For example in a distributed enterprise deployment, employee traffic can be tunneled in entirety back to the headquarters, while data traffic of guests can be routed directly to the Internet. This flexibility offers an optimal compromise between network performance and security.

Enhanced Multi-Tenancy with Virtual Service Zones

Building on top of 4ipnet's Service Zone multi-tenancy concept, network operators now have the option of assigning independent AP group management privileges for each system administrator. A single physical WHG controller-gateway can act as multiple independent virtual networks (Service Zones), each with their own access points, customized login pages, authentication databases, user roles, and scheduling policies. Administrators can be authorized to manage one or multiple of these network entities in a tiered fashion, offering a flexible multi-tenancy architecture that caters to SMBs with limited IT resources or organizations needing managed services.

Social Wi-Fi Insights for Improved Customer Experience

For venue owners, 4ipnet's enhanced data collection features help to facilitate the monetization of the wireless infrastructure and provided increased security. Wi-Fi users can be authenticated directly via their Facebook, Google+, or OpenID accounts, and when these users login, profile information such as name, e-mail, gender, birthday, and location can be collected and used by hotspot owners to implement more effective marketing and advertising campaigns. Additionally, customizable login pages now have the capability of collecting administrator-defined fields, such as citizen ID number or passport number for public safety purposes. Combined with the 4ipnet's traffic monitoring features such as detailed user events and browsing histories, network operators can easily comply with governmental regulations and trace the source of any illegal activities.

"Organizations today are constantly looking for ways to minimize IT infrastructure costs while deriving new applications and services," said Michael Lin, Director of 4ipnet. "By decoupling wireless AAA functionality from on-premises equipment and enhancing multi-tenancy capabilities, organizations have much more flexibility to choose the deployment model with the best cost-performance. And for businesses offering public Wi-Fi access, social media insights offer an effective method for providing differentiated and targeted services to their customers."


4ipnet's enhanced multi-tenancy and social Wi-Fi functionality is available immediately within the 4ipnet WHG-series WLAN controller-gateways, and existing customers are eligible to upgrade at no additional cost.

About 4ipnet

Founded in 2002, 4ipnet designs and delivers the solutions and services that drive next-generation wireless networks. The company is focused on providing a personalized and disruptive approach to addressing complex Wi-Fi environments, ensuring a high-performance, flexible, and cost-effective wireless experience. Along with integrated user access control, multi-tenancy, and customer insights, 4ipnet's platform empowers businesses with new opportunities for value-added services and monetization.

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