AMETEK Launches RS Series AC and DC Power Sources For High Power, Flexible Control

AMETEK Programmable Power
2011-05-26 06:00 1349

SAN DIEGO, May 26, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- AMETEK Programmable Power ( today introduced the California Instruments RS Series of high-power AC/DC power systems. The units provide controlled AC and DC output for a wide variety of test applications at an affordable cost. The RS Series delivers anywhere from 90 kVA up to 540 kVA of AC power.

The RS Series offers the highest AC power density available. This high power density is achieved by using innovative PWM switching techniques that enables the RS Series to be packaged in a compact chassis that does not require elaborate cooling schemes.

Output Flexibility

The RS Series' DSP-based controller allows users to define a wide variety of output waveforms, including outputs with harmonic distortion, and waveforms that simulate AC and DC transients. The controller can control individual phases separately, allowing users to simulate single phase anomalies and unbalanced harmonic line conditions.

A unique feature of the RS Series is that it can both source and sink current and regenerate up to 85 percent of the power back onto the utility grid, reducing the cost of operation.

Avionics Stimulus Test Routines

The RS Series can output waveforms up to 1,000Hz, making it ideal for aerospace applications.   A full suite of Avionics Stimulus test routines such as Mil.Std. 704 Rev. A-F, DO-160 Rev. A-F, B787 Rev. A-C, ABD100.1.8 Rev. D-E and A350 Rev. A-C are optionally available.

The RS Series Makes Measurements and is Easy to Use

The RS Series incorporates an advanced digital signal processor-based data acquisition system automatically monitors common AC and DC parameters, as well as detailed amplitude and phase information.

The RS Series can be operated manually from the front panel controller or remotely using the standard RS232C, USB, and IEEE- 488 or the optional LAN interfaces.  Windows application software is included that allows users to run tests without custom code, and instrument drivers for popular ATE programming environments are available.

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