A Dialogue between Chinese Private Entrepreneur Representatives and Staff of TV Program "Chinese Dream: Pioneers"

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BEIJING, Sept. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Chinese private entrepreneurs growing with China's reform and opening up represent an important force in China's economic development. Their role in various fields in China not only aroused attention from global governments, but also opened the eyes of the global media.

The Chinese Dream, The Pioneer. The Elite’s Interviews
The Chinese Dream, The Pioneer. The Elite’s Interviews

In early 2017, two outstanding representatives of Chinese private entrepreneurs, including Mr. Chen Zemin, Founder of China Sanquan Group and Board Chairman of Zhengzhou Dimette New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., who proposed the idea of "The First Year of China's Geothermal Development", and Mr. Zhou Haijiang, Board Chairman of China Hodo Group, who held the new book release conference for The Modern Enterprise System with Chinese Characteristics, attracted widespread concern with their breakthrough and innovativeness. The program "Chinese Dream: Pioneers" interviewed the two outstanding representatives of Chinese private entrepreneurs in the first time.

"Chinese Dream: Pioneers" is an exclusive interview program mainly to interview pioneers and leaders in all walks of life under the premise of Chinese dream. It aims to demonstrate personages' and enterprises' brave innovation and struggle for dreams. The two interviews left a deep impression on general producer Zhang Xiaoyan. According to her, the wisdom and mind demonstrated by the two guests in the interview is a typical representation of Chinese private entrepreneurs. Their business intelligence not only stays in enterprises' self-development, but seeks human well-being as the enterprise development vision. This not only shows the growth of Chinese private entrepreneurs but also closely concerns the continuous development of China's economy.

As the Chinese economy has more and more interactive collaborations with the global economy, the development of China's private entrepreneurs increasingly keeps pace with the development of enterprises around the world. Not long ago, the BRICS National Business Forum was held in Xiamen, Fujian, China. The participating representatives of the business community included a number of Fortune 500 companies and representatives of Chinese private entrepreneurs. Chinese private entrepreneurs' positive participation in the global economy attracts attention of media from the participating countries.

"Chinese Dream: Pioneers" will pay close attention to Chinese private entrepreneurs by giving more key reports on them in the future, so that the audience can be inspired and enlightened from their true feelings.

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