A People-oriented Office Building - Pearl River Tower: the Future Skyscraper's Coming

GUANGZHOU, China, June 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Summer is just around the corner, and there come thunderstorms and hot weather in Southern China. Feeling hot, humid and uncomfortable, people easily get less productive. The white-collar workers at the Pearl River Tower, a Premium Grade A office building at the core area of Guangzhou CBD, however, have no such troubles.

Office inside Pearl River Tower
Office inside Pearl River Tower

"The most advanced and humane part about this office building is that the air and temperature here are intelligently processed and automatically set. You can enjoy comfortable temperature and humidity all year round regardless of the humid weather or haze outside," said Jiang Junsheng, general manager of Guangdong Golden Gecko Asset Management Co., Ltd. at the 17th floor of the Pearl River Tower. "Besides, with natural lighting and fresh air, I always feel like being in the bright and open field when I come back to the office."

Yes, this Super Class A office building, famous for being green and energy-saving, has an intelligent and green air-conditioning system at its core, and that is also most directly linked to users' experience.

Hu Baiju, the chief engineer of this skyscraper, told reporters that the Pearl River Tower took a bold move in adopting the cold radiation system for cooling, which is not particularly adapted to the wet southern China. The chilled water at 16 degrees centigrade, while flowing, transfers the coldness to the ceiling through water pipes installed there, and then "radiates" from the ceiling to the indoor air. Similar to the geothermal heating mechanism in Northern China, but opposite in the results, Pearl River Tower, adopts cold water as the media to adjust the temperature and humidity.

"With this kind of cooling, there is neither disturbing noise nor blowing wind. Situation of people sitting near the air conditioner blew by cold wind directly is no longer a concern," said Hu.

In addition, the "100% fresh air replacement" technology in this skyscraper helps maintain fresh air at every corner of the building, so that every person within always feels refreshed.

Jiang Junsheng, who used to suffer from rhinitis, particularly during changing seasons, is pleased to find that he has recovered without treatment after moving into the office at Pearl River Tower. "I am very sensitive to the quality of the air, and the weather in Guangdong is often unstable, So I had suffered from rhinitis since childhood. It has been two years since I recovered, and it is very likely that I have been benefiting from my current office environment. The air within the Pearl River Tower are dehumidified and filtered before entering the room, all year round. I have to say that it is the best that a building can offer.

The fresh air system in the Pearl River Tower can automatically sense the changes of staff number in the office, and quickly adjust the air volume, carrying out the 100% fresh air replacement, so as to meet the demands of each person for fresh air.

In addition, the building's double glass curtain walls, can prevent the highly humid air outside from entering the room, so that the indoor relative humidity can always remain between 50% to 55%, the most comfortable range for human body.

"After entering the building, my whole body seems to be protected by a bubble, and I feel very comfortable and safe inside," said Alain LIVET, Head of the Guangzhou Branch of Auchan International (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., "Pearl River Tower, adopting a number of environment-friendly technologies which embodies its respect for the environment, is a building with sustainable development. I finally chose the Pearl River Tower for my new office among a dozen locations.

In addition to the intelligent and humane air conditioning system, more people have excellent experience in this skyscraper because of its people-oriented concept of transport.

"The design concept of this building is people-oriented. With the running speed up to 9 m/s, it just takes about 10 seconds from the first floor to the top of this 71-floor supertall building; with the double-decker design, and solution like separated and direct access to low, medium and high floor areas, it makes certain that people going to any floors will get into the lift without waiting for over 30 seconds.

"It is indeed very rare for supertall buildings," said Alain LIVET, who has worked in other high-rise buildings in Tianhe District. "I've been working at Pearl River Tower for over a year, and it seems that I seldom need to wait for the lift for a long time. Everyone feels being highly valued."

"Sometimes, I would stand at the lobby, observing with a stopwatch. People wait, but for just ten seconds, for the lifts. It is unimaginable for a building with a capacity of more than 5,000 people," Hu Baiju, the Chief Engineer, is particularly proud of this.

"It can be said that this building is the future of the skyscraper, but you will be surprised to find that it has already come, just in front of us," Alain LIVET said.

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