Acision Transforms Customer Care with Multi-channel Rich Communications Portfolio Built with Cutting-edge Contact Centres in Mind

Enabling new standards in secure contact centre engagement via channels most convenient to the customer across video, voice and messaging
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CONTACT CENTRE DEMO AND EXPO, CHICAGO, Nov. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Acision, a global leader in secure, mobile engagement services and an industry innovator in WebRTC technology, today announced it is enabling contact centres to transform their customer care with a full suite of multi-channel, rich communication services. As part of the forge by Acision platform, Acision can facilitate more efficient, sophisticated and valuable interactions with customers by providing a host services including real-time, click to communicate video, voice and messaging interactions, all powered by WebRTC technology for mobile and web. To complement this, the portfolio also includes secure, multi-factor application-2-person (A2P) and two-way SMS messaging. Acision's smart solutions enable contact centres to offer a far more satisfying user experience in addition to significant cost savings from integrated web and mobile based solutions.

Eric Bilange, Head of Rich Engagement Services at Acision, stated: "While much research suggests that consumers' preferred method of handling customer service queries is still via the telephone due to the personal interaction and instant gratification, there is just as much to highlight that satisfaction levels are poor. Consumers get frustrated when faced with IVR, or having to wait on hold for long periods of time, being passed from one agent to another and having to repeat the same information over and over again, demonstrating poor management of customer data, channels and context, and a lack of ownership of the consumer's problem. Ever increasingly, consumers are opting to use alternative channels, particularly via their mobile, to address issues and question, which are seen as even more efficient and instant if provided via chat or social media applications."

A recent survey by eDigital Customer Service Benchmark indicated that web chat had the highest satisfaction rating above telephone interaction. Bilange continued: "Using social media as a customer service channel can have its risks, yet consumers still crave that personal, human touch and want a channel that offers them an instant response with the least amount of effort and is available in a variety of ways that suits them. Acision has addressed this need by offering a variety of rich, engagement channels which are convenient, efficient, personalised and cost effective for contact centres and can be utilised over web and mobile."

Acision's suite of rich communication solutions via its forge platform are designed to help contact centres easily make the transition from traditional telephony to web-based, real-time communications, while also providing a high quality and seamless customer experience. Based on WebRTC technology via the forge SDK, contacts centres can integrate a rich set of communication tools, including video, voice, chat and presence into their mobile and web applications to initiate a click-to-video, chat or call window, enabling instant discussion with a customer service agent, on any device and wherever the customer is located.

When a CRM platform is integrated with the web or mobile app, contextual information, such as username, browsing history and shopping basket contents, can be forwarded to the agent when a call or video chat is initiated, so the agent has all the relevant information they need to resolve the query quickly, and they can push product and other information to the user's screen, also enabling upsell opportunities. If the user does not wish to have a video call, they can send a message to their customer service agent and have an Instant Message chat instead, or even do so while they are mid-video call.

"WebRTC opens up a new era of customer service for consumers and it's not all just about complaints or solving queries. When provided alongside our secure A2P messaging services, enterprises can also send alerts offering a daily deal, explain that a product has shipped using geo-location services, or view that a new item is available for order. Our white-label smart communication and sharing application, fuseMe by Acision, is also part of our multi-channel communication mix, which enterprises can customise and integrate into their contact centre and mobile strategy for even more personal interaction with customers. Together, our portfolio provides countless opportunities to build better relationships with customers when you have instant access to them - and they to you," concluded Bilange.

Acision at Contact Center Demo & Conference

Acision will be present throughout ICMI's Contact Center Demo & Conference, 3rd - 5th November - on booth 116 - to demonstrate live how we are powering transformative technology to enable next-level communication experiences for contact centres.

Acision will be showcasing its forge by Acision mobile customer service demo, based on the forge SDK, which recently won "Best in Show" at TMCNet's WebRTC Conference & Expo IV, which illustrated how retailers could integrate their call center web interface with an app storefront. In this scenario, the customer can click directly through to a call centre agent from their device app, and have a live video chat to troubleshoot an issue or get a question answered. All the while, the agent can see the customer's full browsing and purchasing history within a CRM interface, providing insight to address questions and recognise upsell opportunities. This integration enables the customer care experience to become quicker, sleeker, simpler, more engaging, and more personal.

Both its award-winning forge by Acision demo and white-label smart sharing app fuseMe by Acision will be available to view live on our stand. To learn more about forge, visit

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Acision connects the world by powering relevant, seamless mobile engagement services that interoperate across all IP platforms and enrich the user experience creating value and new communication opportunities for carriers, enterprises and consumers across the world.

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