Adsit Weibo Manager: An Enabler for Enterprise Social Media Marketing in China

2011-10-17 23:53 2023

SHANGHAI, October 17, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- On September 28, 2011, at TFM&A China (Technology for Marketing & Advertising) in Shanghai, Adsit Media, the leading digital technology company dedicated to providing digital marketing solutions, shared its unique insight on social media marketing and launched the epoch-making social marketing tool in the Chinese market- Weibo Manager. Weibo Manager offers a way to achieve social targeting and measurable social marketing in the market. This is the new milestone of social marketing for enterprises in China and indicates the upgraded recognition of social marketing from perceptual stage to rational stage.

Why Does Social Marketing Need Weibo Manager?

Many companies and institutions are seeking an effective social marketing solution. How to adopt social marketing as a combination of capabilities, practices, processes, disciplines and technologies that allow an organization to communicate, interact and engage both internally and externally using social media platforms is a tough challenge. Many speakers who attended this event, including Brad Cleveland, founder of ICMI; Nick Gold, Vice President of Asia Pacific, Emailvision; and Shen Yin, founder of NTA Innovative Communication Institution, had a coincident in opinion from different observations and data findings "…All consumers and users are on social networks or on their way to social networks… This is exactly what is happening in China also."

Compared with TV, printed media and digital display advertising, social media marketing is emerging. Weibo, a Chinese-style "Twitter", has only developed for two years. There are over 40,000 official Weibo accounts on the SINA Weibo. Early adopters in China are facing some faulty issues, such as "zombie fans", "online water army", and "multiple IDs" and, therefore, require a tool to enhance visibility and achieve data transparency on their own performance, competition information and industry benchmarks. All these requirements can be fulfilled by Adsit Weibo Manager.

How Does Weibo Manager Drive Social Marketing?

COO of Adsit Media, Cindy Xue, introduced that Weibo Manager provides three types of data visibilities: Micro Diagnostic, Micro Insight, and Micro public opinion.

  • Micro Diagnostic - a comprehensive, consistent and continuous "health check" tool to identify improvement opportunities and understand social influence. The tool is based on Adsit Weibo Communication Model and visualized data analysis to establish a healthy and data-driven KPI system for official Weibo accounts.
  • Micro Insight - a visualized analysis on social marketing campaigns and insights of communication path and size growth of followers to identify trends and critical success factors.
  • Micro public opinion - a tool to listen to and monitor public opinions, brand WOM, and customer sentiments in a comprehensive and real-time way.

The above three functions form the core capabilities of Weibo Manager and help social marketing professionals achieve predictable, measurable and targeting effectiveness. Weibo Manager is a right tool for organizations to identify opportunities, choose the best timing, make smart decisions, execute campaigns and applications, measure ROI, and form momentum on their way to social marketing success.

Adsit Media is always passionate and is establishing the leading 2.0 integrated digital marketing platform and providing people-oriented, data-driven, social marketing, local marketing, mobile marketing, intelligent and integrated service and technology solutions to branding advertisers, based on intelligent digital integrated marketing platforms - AdMan, Adsit Media constructed digital marketing solution matrix: digital display advertising (Baidu Hong Media & SINA YunTV), social media marketing (Weibopie/Weibo Manager), and mobile advertising. The solutions are aimed for best possible ROI and measurable marketing effectiveness and creating the best value in the dynamic digital world.


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