AirMedia Renews its Concession Rights Contract of Terminal 3 of Beijing Airport

2010-11-09 19:34 1139

Extending Contract Length and Shortening Time of Advance Payment

BEIJING, Nov. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ -- AirMedia Group Inc. ("AirMedia") (Nasdaq: AMCN), a leading operator of out-of-home advertising platforms in China targeting mid-to-high-end consumers, today announced that it recently renewed its concession rights contract with Beijing Capital Airport Advertising Co., Ltd. to operate digital frames and digital TV screens at Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport for five years from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2015.

AirMedia extended the contract length in the renewed contract to five years, compared with three years in the previous contract. In addition, AirMedia revised the payment terms to pay semi-annual concession fees half year in advance, compared with paying whole year concession fees one year in advance in the previous contract. In the renewed contract, AirMedia also obtained a right from the airport authority to adjust the locations of its stand-alone digital frames at Terminal 3 to further increase its media value.

"Our contract of digital frames and digital TV screens at Terminal 3 of the Beijing airport is one of our key concession rights contracts. We are glad to see that the Beijing airport authority has realized that a stable, long-term, mutually beneficial partnership with media operators is crucial for protecting its own interests," remarked Herman Guo, chairman and chief executive officer of AirMedia. "The success of the contract renewal under mutually beneficial terms has once again demonstrated and further secured our leading position in mid-to-high-end advertising market in China."

About AirMedia Group Inc.

AirMedia Group Inc. (Nasdaq: AMCN) is a leading operator of out-of-home advertising platforms in China targeting mid-to-high-end consumers. AirMedia operates the largest digital media network in China dedicated to air travel advertising. AirMedia operates digital frames in 34 major airports, including the 15 largest airports in China. AirMedia also operates digital TV screens in 38 major airports, including 26 out of the 30 largest airports in China. In addition, AirMedia sells advertisements on the routes operated by nine airlines, including the four largest airlines in China. In selected major airports, AirMedia also operates traditional media platforms, such as billboards and light boxes, and other digital media, such as mega LED screens.

In addition, AirMedia has obtained exclusive contractual concession rights until the end of 2014 to develop and operate outdoor advertising platforms at Sinopec's service stations located throughout China.

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