American Nano Silicon Technologies, Inc. has Applied for a National Patent for its New Micro Nano Silicon Product to be Used as an Enforcement and Accelerator Agent Within the Concrete Industry

    NANCHONG, China, Aug. 6 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- American Nano Silicon Technologies, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: ANNO) ("ANNO" or "the Company"), a leading manufacturer and distributor of micro nano silicon based products, announced today that the Company has applied in China for a national patent for their new concrete enforcement and accelerator agent. This new technology will allow the concrete industry to enjoy significantly enhanced performance and reliability in its concrete products. The patent application is currently being processed by the State Intellectual Property Bureau of China (application No.: CN201010045739.X). This development further illustrates the growth of ANNO, as this new product application in the construction material industry supplements the Company's existing market in the non-phosphate detergent sector.

    Through the use of ANNO's proprietary micro nano silicon technology, the Company will be able to provide a product superior to the current concrete industry standard that uses a multiple metallic material. Industry examination currently shows that ANNO's micro nano silicon blend provides for an 18% increase in the compressive strength and a 47% increase in the flexural strength while decreasing the environmentally harmful effects that other industry products currently produce. ANNO believes that its continued research and development relationship with Southwest University of Science and Technology will provide additional uses for their micro nano silicon blend outside of the already developed uses in the non-phosphate detergent industry and the cement industry.

    "We are very excited to have completed the necessary filings to apply for a national patent for our micro nano silicon cement technology," Mr. Pu Fachun, the CEO of the Company commented, "We remain committed to working with Southwest University of Science and Technology as our valued research and development partner and are very confident that together we can continually develop high level products that contain our patented micro nano technology."

    About American Nano Silicon Technologies, Inc.

    American Nano Silicon Technologies, Inc., through its 95%-owned subsidiary, Nanchong Chunfei Nano Silicon Technologies Co., Ltd., is engaged in the business of manufacturing and distributing micro-nano silicon based products. While the Company's micro-nano silicon based products are focused on the concrete and non-phosphate detergent industries, micro nano silicon (TM) is adaptable to and widely used in many consumer and industrial products, including: laundry detergent, petrochemical, plastics, rubber, paper, ceramics and water treatment materials.

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