An Improved Sturdy Toddler Scooter was Launched by Fascol in Europe -- the Surfing Scooter

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SHENZHEN, China, September 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- "Even a truck can run over it and it just remained the same shape as before. It can't be more amazing," said the witness James Wilson from UK, who's an old customer invited to the Germany new product launch -- the surfing scooter of Fascol. On the same day, the surfing scooter was also released in Spain on 23th September. Fascol invited many people who were interested in their product. Some native toy shopkeepers came to the launch for business cooperation, meanwhile many large toy sellers in Europe like Lego, Tietoy and Razor, etc. also attended the product launch. According to the holder of the conference, over 300 famous toy industry personnel have attended the meeting.

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The most shinning part to attract people's attention is its strong one piece frame. Unlike other folding scooters with many complicated pieces, this design made it strong enough to stand incredible load. Together with the power of super-strength polypropylene, the most durable plastic and strong aluminum alloy tube, the lightest and hard metable, Fascol scooter achieved its outstanding performance in the company with naughty and destructive children.

The unicycle gravity sensing veer system came from an inspiration when the engineer was riding a bike. His bike ran fast when veering at a sharp crooked corner. He fell down from the bike making a sharp turn with the handle bar and thought if the children scooter also have the same problem. After several days observing and research on children's riding behavior, the engineer finally came out with the idea to apply the gravity sensing veer system of the scooter. The system reduced 36.6% accident during the riding of the children and became popular in short time in Europe. "I bought this scooter for my kids because of its unique safety design in direction changing system," said Chris Jackson, a father of a 4-year-old boy in the conference. "I think safety is the first priority to consider before purchasing a scooter."

This design takes the use of kids' weight to make a turn. When children put their weight on one side, the scooter change its direction to the other side. Unlike traditional scooters in which handle bars can turn 360 degree to all directions. Children are not proficient in make a turn on the scooter, so over 90 degree will easily result in falling down to the ground even at low speed. This design makes the scooter turn at a maximum of 60 degree. With a smaller angle to the turn, children are less likely to fall down to the ground.

This product launch is successful, most attendees bought some samples from Fascol company.

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