TootooMart Analyzes the Development of Apparel E-Commerce

2009-04-07 21:08 666

BEIJING, April 7 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Analysts on ( ) say that the e-commerce has provided great help for enterprises from different points, such as retail, home trade, foreign trade and industry chain. The e-commerce ( ) platform has been grafted on the traditional market and has broadened the narrow tangible markets. It developed as a new distribution channel for the apparel industry ( ) to meet difficulties.

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Experts say that there are four stages in the development of e-commerce: first, the non-mainstream crowds, such as students in universities and middle schools, buy the non-mainstream products; second, the non-mainstream crowds buy mainstream products including the cell phones( ) and clothing; third, the mainstream crowd buys the non-mainstream products, most of the online shoppers ( ) begin their shopping buying things like a fishing rod ( ) or harmonica ( ); fourth, the mainstream crowds buy mainstream products through e-commerce. Now e-commerce has reached this fourth step. As one of the typical mainstream products, e-commerce has helped the apparel industry to get over the problems of high cost and low profit, to provide personal service for the customers whom are difficult to come into contact with by the traditional market.

The experts advise that the apparel industry has to pay attention to both the home and international markets, to make the producing and sale process more flexible, to attach importance to the retail orders, because the retail network has matured in market size, distribution channel and capital. However, they also point that the interactive marketing, shopping guide and fast delivery are the keys of the success of e-commerce. Apparel E-Commerce providers have to pay attention to the customers’ online shopping process, to respond quickly to feedback regarding potential needs and to build a management concept on supply chain.

E-commerce represents a new development trend. One of the famous apparel companies has begun to try the apparel e-commerce; they want to realize a whole new economic entity, which mixes traditional distribution and e-commerce together.