Aspen Research Group, Owner of the Highly Acclaimed Stock Analysis Software, "Aspen Graphics", Announces its Direct-Marketing Strategy in Thailand, Aiming for Top Market Share

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BANGKOK, June 28, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Aspen Research Group, creator of the world-leading "Aspen Graphics" family of stock analysis software, announces its direct-marketing strategy in Thailand.  With local company, InfoQuest Limited, providing data content, and local company, ThaiQuest Limited, providing software modifications and enhancements, Aspen aims for top market share in every market segment in Thailand by mid-2013, as well as expansion into Asia-Pacific markets.  Aspen Research Group president, John Praetorius, reveals that the choice of Thailand for Aspen's direct-marketing initiative is due to its strong stock market and bright outlook compared to other countries in the region.

The version of Aspen Graphics software being directly licensed in Thailand has been modified and enhanced by ThaiQuest, known for its strong software development team.  ThaiQuest has licensed these modifications and enhancements to Aspen.  Data content, including domestic and international news, as well as financial and investment data, are provided by InfoQuest.  Both Thai collaborators are highly experienced in the Thai market, and both truly understand the fundamental needs of Thai investors.

John Praetorius observes: "Tens of thousands of professionals in banks, brokerage firms and investment houses in Thailand have used Aspen Research Group software for over 20 years now.  The software is commonly known as Apex when marketed through Aspen Research Group's distributor in Thailand.  However, we now feel confident that we can successfully market our products and services directly in Thailand, due to our collaboration with ThaiQuest and InfoQuest, who possess good understanding of the Thai market and work well with us to promptly address client requests."

Aspen Graphics was introduced to the Thai market in 1990 under the name Apex through Bisnews Public Company Limited, a company owned by Jalthong Patamapongs. Bisnews Public Company Limited sold its assets to Reuters in 1997, who later transferred the business to Bisnews AFE (Thailand) Limited in 2004.

Aspen Graphics is and has always been the stock analysis software with the highest number of professional users in Thailand.  Recently, Aspen Research Group introduced a separate browser-based product, targeting individual investors, to expand into the general market segment.  It also began directly licensing Aspen Graphics software to clients in Thailand last year.  When Aspen's distribution agreement with Bisnews AFE expires on June 30, 2013, Aspen Research Group will be the sole licensor of its software in Thailand.

Consistent with its commitment to the Thai market, Aspen Research Group has opened a branch office in Thailand.  Aspen marketing and customer relations executives are working alongside InfoQuest and ThaiQuest to approach clients, provide technical support, and obtain feedback to continually improve response to client needs.  "We will not be complacent about clients' comments and requirements; we will try to improve and enhance our software to meet clients' expectations; we will make sure that Aspen Graphics is the best and the most cost-effective, real-time stock analysis software in Thailand," says John Praetorius.

In Thailand, Aspen Research Group is offering its Aspen Graphics software on two platforms -- Aspen for Windows, targeting brokerage firms and professional investors, and Aspen for Browser, targeting individual investors.  At present, Aspen Research has directly licensed its software to more than 10 brokerage clients, including Krungsri Securities PCL, Kaitnakin Securities Company Limited, Country Group Securities PCL, CIMB Securities International (Thailand) PCL, DBS Vickers Securities (Thailand) Company Limited, Trinity Securities Company Limited, TISCO Securities Company Limited, Thanachart Securities PCL, Bualuang Securities PCL, Maybank Kim Eng Securities (Thailand) PCL, OSK Securities (Thailand) PCL.

Aspen Research Group aims that by mid-2013, it will have the largest market share of stock analysis software in Thailand, with the highest number of users of its directly-licensed Aspen Graphics software in every market segment.  It plans to use its branch office in Thailand as its regional hub to expand into other markets in Asia-Pacific.

Relationships between Aspen Research Group and ThaiQuest and InfoQuest

The collaboration between Aspen Research Group, ThaiQuest and InfoQuest stems from a strong friendship between John Praetorius, the owner of Aspen Research Group, and Jalthong Patamapongs, owner of both ThaiQuest and InfoQuest. They have known each other for over 25 years.  Jalthong Patamapongs was instrumental in supporting John Praetorius and his company from the beginning, when he became the very first Aspen Research client anywhere in the world.

About Aspen Research Group

Aspen Research Group Ltd. is a leading U.S.-based software developer specializing in charting tools for technical analysis and stock information for professional investors.  Its renowned stock analysis software, "Aspen Graphics," is widely used by professional investors and financial institutions around the world. The program supports content from international news and information providers such as Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg.

Aspen Research Group is the developer and owner of underlying rights to Aspen Graphics (also known as Apex in Thailand), a stock analysis product of Bisnews AFE (Thailand) that is popular among Thai stock brokers and financial institutions.  Aspen Research Group has expanded its commitment to Thailand's market by collaborating with InfoQuest Ltd, Thailand's leading information service provider and news agency.  The two companies are jointly offering their own products enabling stock brokers and financial institutions in Thailand to have improved and more powerful decision-making tools at a reasonable price, saving brokers and financial institutions significant operating costs.

About ThaiQuest Limited

ThaiQuest Limited is a leading software developer and technology provider in Thailand with core competencies in data management innovations for real-time financial information service, online news publishing and distribution workflow, full-text search integration and customization service.  Over the decade, its software specialists, through careful research and design, developed a genuinely fast and reliable search engine (ThaiQuest Enterprise Search) that outshines other search engines available in the market.  It supports real-time, full-text search in Thai and English, and provides unlimited data storage and sub-second retrieval.  ThaiQuest has won many awards for its software solutions from software contests in the country and throughout the Asia-Pacific region, e.g., the Chaofa IT award, TICTA award, APICTA award, etc.

About InfoQuest Limited

InfoQuest is a leading information service provider and news agency in Thailand.  Starting its operation in 2000, InfoQuest now employs over 200 highly capable individuals, including executives and professionals with over 28 years of news service experience.  InfoQuest services are operated by the company's own news editorial and information development teams, who have extensive experience in the news industry. InfoQuest produces real-time online news covering economic, stock and financial issues, as well as politics and other developments that may affect the stock and financial markets.

In addition to producing its own news, InfoQuest aggregates information from more than 300 sources; organizes such content for its customers in various packages and forms, including news and information center service via NEWSCenter; online news clipping service via iQNewsClip; mobile service via iQStock (WAP) and iQStockAlert (SMS); website-based information service via and; and global publicity service via iQMediaLink.

At present, thousands of professional users and investors are subscribing to InfoQuest's financial and investment data services.  InfoQuest services are currently available on over 7,500 terminals in total.

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