'A celebration of Friendship and Shared Vision for the Sport of Women's Tennis'

2007-06-27 08:40 1232

LONDON, June 26 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Wimbledon is no stranger to high exposure events and celebrities from all trades. On 20:00 of this easy summer evening on 25th of June, while London continues with its legendary Grand Slam, key officials from the Beijing Government, senior WTA leadership and some of the most glamorous professional tennis players, as well as the China Open team, are celebrating the start of another milestone that shapes world professional tennis -- The China Open's new sanction that puts Beijing as one of the four Crown Jewel events in the WTA global tournaments structure.

The China Open is a key component in Beijing's post-Olympic development strategy.

With a mere 3-year experience in professional international tennis tournaments, the China Open has demonstrated its capabilities in making big leaps in delivering quality improvements. The Crown Jewel is not then just a reward for the hard work, but will no doubt boosting the city's unprecedented enthusiasm and commitments.

"Tonight is a celebration of our friendship and shared vision for the sport of women's tennis," said the Chairman of the SE WTA, Mr. Larry Scott, who showed great acknowledgement and support towards the forthcoming Crown Jewel event in Beijing. The SE WTA is also steadily pursuing its strategy in shaping Beijing into one of the world's capital cities of tennis, and "I am confident that our partnership will achieve everything that we set out to do," stated Mr. Larry Scott.

Representing players and the SE WTA Player Council, multiple Grand Slam winner Madame Mary Pierce said that, "The China Open has already established a reputation as a fantastic event, and I am sure that beginning in 2009 we will all be amazed with the even greater heights that the event will reach." She further commented that, "Tennis is a truly global sport and Beijing and China are among the brightest stars as we look to continue to grow women's tennis globally."

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Accompanied by the Chinese double's champion Ms. Yan Zi, the Head Coach of the Chinese Women's Tennis Team, Mr. Jiang Hongwei, participated in the celebrations on behalf of the China Tennis Association and its Vice Chairwoman Madam Sun Jinfang. He stressed in his greetings that "the CTA will continue to use its best efforts to support the China Open and firmly believe in a fast growing China Open."

Mr. Sun Kanglin, Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing Government stated in his key note speech that "the forth coming China Open Crown Jewel will undoubtedly provide to all the partners of the city unparalleled opportunities. The City of Beijing has been supporting the China Open during the past and will provide its full and continuous assistance and support towards the Tournament in the future."

Madame Mary Pierce brought additional surprise to the Celebration by presenting one of her used and signed rackets to the Head of the Senior Beijing Government Delegation to the China Open Celebration, Senior Consultant to the Beijing Government Madame Lv Xiwen. Madame Pierce expressed that she would like to take the advantage of the gesture to once again present to the China Open the commitments and supports from all of the WTA players.

Many of the tournament directors of the SE WTA Tour participated in the Celebration to congratulate the China Open new Crown Jewel and extended their sincere support for the future development of the China Open.

Minister Councillor Mr. Ke Yasha and Councillor Mr. Wu Xun, from the Chinese Embassy in London, also presented at the Celebration. Celebrities from the Senior Beijing Government Delegation also included Head of the Volunteer Department of the Beijing Olympic Committee Mr. Liu Jian, Head of Beijing's Chaoyang District Mr. Chen Gang, Head of Beijing's Shijingshan District Mr. Wu Maofei, Deputy Director General of the Beijing Sports Bureau Mr. Li Jingkang, and Deputy Director General of the Beijing Fiscal Administration Madame Wu Sufang.

Source: China Open Promotions Limited