BioVision 2007, the World Life Sciences Forum, Set to Tackle Some of Today’s Most Critical Health, Nutrition and Environmental Issues

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-- The 5th edition of BioVision (March 11 - 14, 2007 in Lyon, France) will

gather leading international experts on health, nutrition and environment

issues to discuss, debate and agree actions for change.

LYON, France, Dec. 20 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- BioVision today confirmed

its broad ranging schedule for the fifth edition of BioVision, the World Life

Sciences forum. The 2007 event will review a number of critical and topical

issues: from the ethical and scientific conditions of stem-cell research for

regenerative cell therapies to the application of nanotechnologies to health

and environment fields, from the development of bio energy solutions in

response to global warming and water rarefaction. These are just some of the

key issues that representatives from science and business have identified

over the past 12 months for debate and action at BioVision, in Lyon, France

in March 2007.

BioVision differs from other scientific and business forums because of

its unique approach to examining today’s most important scientific issues.

The Forum brings together representatives from science, politics and industry

together with civil society representatives to debate key issues our society

faces, as far as health, nutrition and the environment are concerned.

The industrial application of scientific improvements fosters great hope

in the struggle against rare pathologies, malnutrition and pollution. But

theses advancements are increasingly raising more and more questions, concern

and opposition, especially from societal groups. In order to advance, these

complex and often sensitive issues require both transparency and cooperation

between the main players: citizens, scientists, industrialists and decision-


"There are important views and opinions held by these different groups

and yet they frequently don’t see eye to eye. BioVision aims to break down

barriers, create dialogue and foster greater understanding among these key

groups," said Philippe Desmarescaux, President, BioVision.

BioVision is a leading Life Sciences forum now entering its fifth

edition. In 2005, more than 4,100 participants from 70 countries attended,

representing a 28% increase from the previous event.

BioVision 2007 differs from previous editions in a number of ways and

seeks to bring a new level of innovation to scientific and business debate:

-- The event will focus solely on "The Contribution of Life Sciences to

the Millennium Development Goals". Among the objectives set out for

2015 are: reducing by 50% the proportion of the world’s starving

population, reducing by two-thirds the rate or mortality for under-

fives, eliminating the spread of AIDS, overcoming malaria and other

deadly diseases, making available and at affordable prices all useful

medicines, ensuring a sustainable environment and dividing in half the

proportion of the world’s population that doesn’t have easy access to

drinking water. Unfortunately, it is clear that intermediary goals set

for 2015 are unlikely to be met in the concerned countries if no

further efforts are made.

-- Ten pre-conferences were held during 2006. These sessions have set the

stage for the debate and prepared the framework for BioVision 2007 to

ensure that the Forum goes beyond stimulating dialogue to examine

concrete and necessary actions.

-- The primary goal of BioVision, the World Life Sciences Forum, 2007, is

to develop concrete recommendations and proposals, leading whenever

possible, to constructive action.

-- The "World Foundation for Life Sciences" was founded to bring necessary

financial means to help fund or achieve a number of specific projects

arising from the conclusions drawn at BioVision.

BioVision 2007: preliminary program highlights

-- March 11th - afternoon: BioVision Nobel Laureates Session

-- March 12th - morning: round-tables

-- March 12th afternoon and March 13th: debates and conferences:

- Health:

- Poverty diseases

- Immunization for all

- Cellular therapy

- Agriculture/Food:

- Integrated approaches to eradicate hunger

- Food for the future: north and south issues

- Development of agriculture in saline and unexploited areas

- Environment/Energy:

- Water

- Bio energy after oil

- Nanotechnologies and life sciences

-- March 14th - morning: Conclusions and recommendations

BioVisionaries Session

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