Brand New "talk2hk" VoIP Service Allows Unlimited Calls to/from Hong Kong with an Authentic Fixed Line Number

New World Telecommunications Limited
2007-05-15 12:36 823

HONG KONG, May 15 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- New World Telecommunications Limited ("NWT"), a pioneering next generation IP and telecom service provider in Hong Kong, today celebrated the worldwide launch of "talk2hk", a new-generation VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service. With an authentic Hong Kong fixed line number, "talk2hk" enables customers to enjoy unlimited calls with their friends, families and business associates in Hong Kong at a flat, low monthly charge of US$12. Apart from unlimited calls to and from Hong Kong, customers can also interact with business partners and friends all over the world at very competitive IDD rates. For instance, calls to China and other countries only cost as little as US$0.02.

"talk2hk" is specially designed to save at least 80% of the roaming and IDD cost for:

-- People who reside outside of Hong Kong and frequently make contacts

with Hong Kong associates.

-- Travelers who want to stay connected with people around the world.

Compared to other similar VoIP services that are gaining popularity around the world, which focus on PC to PC calls, "talk2hk", through its provision of a Hong Kong number, enables the users to make or receive calls as if they are in Hong Kong and take advantage of the low communication cost of Hong Kong to other parts of the world.

Comparison: talk2hk and other popular VoIP services

Features talk2hk Popular VoIP services

such as Sk--e

Call Plan Unlimited incoming & outgoing US$12 (Note 1) only allows

calls to and from Hong Kong 32 calls of 10 minutes each

landlines Hong Kong number with a subscription;

and mobile phones at a low equal to only 1 short call

monthly charge of US$12. per day

Long -- Savings of up to 50% for a -- Higher charges for

Distance 3-minute call. calling

Call Rates -- Only US$0.017 per minute for long distance.

major developed countries, -- Per-minute rate is

e.g. calling to USA, Canada, US$0.021 for outgoing

UK (Note 2), Thailand, calls to USA, Canada,

Singapore, etc. UK (Note 2), Thailand,

Singapore, plus

US$0.039 connection fee.

International -- Savings of up to 50% for a -- Higher charges for

Call 3-minute call. calling long distance.

Forwarding -- Only US$0.017 per minute as -- Per-minute rate is

for major developed for outgoing calls to

countries , e.g. US$0.021 USA, Canada, UK(Note 2),

calling to USA, Canada, Thailand, Singapore,

UK (Note 2), Thailand, plus US$0.039

Singapore, etc. connection fee.

Per call No connection fee Connection fee of US$0.039

Connection for all outgoing calls


Service All users will have a genuine No personal number offered

Hong Kong, China or Taiwan in China or Taiwan

telephone number to facilitate

calling between these countries

and the world.

Mobility -- Log on anywhere in the world Requires software download

via user-friendly and installation on the

web-based interface. PC. This is often not

permitted in the hotel,

library, Internet cafe

-- No downloading of client is and shared PC

needed. environment

Network Bandwidth monitor facility Not available

condition available.



(1) US$4 per month for a Hong Kong number subscription. Usage is based

on a 10-minute call (per session) to Hong Kong landlines or mobile

phones and charged at US$0.021 per minute together with a connection

fee at US$0.039 per call (session).

(2) This call rate is applicable for calling UK landline telephones.

Customers can also subscribe to a talk2hk number for China (Shenzhen, Guangzhou) or Taiwan (Taipei) as an optional feature, which allows them to be reached by calls from these destinations without having to pay international long distance charges.

"talk2hk" is the ultimate solution for people who are looking for a cost-effective, comprehensive and premium VoIP service.

The registration process is very simple. Customers simply sign-up with a valid e-mail address at the "talk2hk" website ( ).

For details, please visit: .

For further information, please contact:

Ms Y S Ng

Tel: +852-2133-7199

Fax: +852-2133-0795


Source: New World Telecommunications Limited