CCG Investor Relations President to Present Effect of CEO Public Relations on Company Performance

2011-12-12 21:06 1485

NEW YORK and BEIJING, December 12, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- CCG Investor Relations, a leading global investor relations and strategic communications agency, today announced that the agency's president, Crocker Coulson, will conduct a presentation at The 2011 China Entrepreneurs (CE) CEO & CFO Forum on December 13 and 14 at The St. Regis Hotel in Beijing.

The conference will focus on overseas listed Chinese companies shaping the global market and will address key topics such as how to develop an effective marketing strategy for Chinese companies going global and the effect of CEO public relations on company performance.

As China's economy continues to move into more value-added sectors and China encourages its best companies to follow the "go abroad" policy, the role of the CEO as the public face of the company is becoming increasingly important.

"While China's corporate leaders now rank among some of the largest and most valuable companies in the world, it is instructive to note that China has yet to produce a single top-ranked global brand. Strategic communications from the CEO office are critical brand and messaging tools as companies chart their course to become recognized, respected, and trustworthy brands and facilitate sustainable global expansion," said Crocker Coulson, President of CCG Investor Relations.

Coulson's presentation will examine different branding strategies for continued growth and achievement of corporate goals, along with tools and solutions available to companies to drive stakeholders' trust both domestically and internationally.

The conference, hosted by CEBEX Group, also offers participants the opportunity to address trends in U.S. regulations and impact on U.S.-Listed Chinese Companies, crisis management best practices. Other critical topics, such as building a better internal Sarbanes Oxley Strategy and the Dodd-Frank Act's impact on financial institutions will also be covered by world leading panelists, C-level Chinese companies' executives and investment community professionals.

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