CCPF China Charity Banquet Successfully Raising Awarness and Funds for Children in need

Hope Medical Program Reaches New Levels
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SHANGHAI, April 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 9, 2016, Children of China Pediatrics Foundation ('CCPF'), a US-based non-profit organization, hosted a charity banquet in Shanghai entitled 'Melting Love into Heart, Moving forward with Love'. With the assistance of Wailian Overseas Consulting Group, more than 300 warm-hearted and caring people attended the event to help change the life of orphans with birth defects. Among the guests were Ms. Gena Palumbo, CCPF Founder and Vice President of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Ms. Wen Xu, Secretary General of the CCPF China Advisory Board, Mr. Cai Yuan, Chairman of Shanghai Charity Foundation, Ms. Rong Ye, Ambassador of Shanghai Charity Foundation, and over 20 pediatrics experts from the U.S. and China. The success of the event clearly indicates that CCPF's mission in China has stepped up onto a new stage and started a new journey.

A project 20 years in the making

The presence of hundreds of warm-hearted and caring people at the banquet indicated that CCPF has a high level of recognition from society, the 20 years of work finally received China's recognition and support. At the dinner party, Ms. Palumbo expressed her thanks and gratitude, especially to Ms. Mei He, President of Wailian Overseas Consulting Group, for her caring and efforts to expand CCPF's presence in China, and showed her expectation to cooperate with Wailian Overseas Consulting Group to promote the CCPF medical program and thus help more children with birth defects live a better life.

20 years ago, Ms. Palumbo adopted a baby girl from an orphanage in Nanjing, China, and learned that there were numerous Chinese children with birth defects and in urgent need of help. Children's longing eyes for help shocked her, she then founded CCPF, a non-profit charity organization based in the US to help Chinese orphans with birth defects receive free surgeries and medical care. CCPF has dispatched a top notch volunteer medical team from the US to China to provide free surgery and post-operative recovery treatment for orphans with congenital diseases each year. Over 1,000 children have been treated so far.

One of the focuses at the dinner party was a radiant medal, with highlighted characters of 'children of the United States of America and China' in the middle. It represents CCPF's determination and devotion to giving care and love to disabled orphans in China and help them live with dignity.

Ms. Mei He

Human nature is connected despite different social backgrounds. With the kind idea of 'giving back to society when you succeed', CCPF and Wailian Overseas Consulting Group were linked across the borders. Ms. Palumbo expects more warm-hearted and caring people and organizations to join the CCPF family to pass warmth onto those angels with broken wings. In 2014, Ms. Mei He, President of Wailian Overseas Consulting Group, met a CCPF board member in New York and learned about CCPF's missions in China. She was greatly touched and thought, 'if a group of American people could have done so much for Chinese children for so many years, why couldn't we all help?' After weeks of communication, CCPF felt that they found a real leader and angel from China and later appointed Ms. He as the first President of CCPF China Advisory Board.

For CCPF, the recognition of its mission by the general public in China is a dream that finally comes true. With Ms. He's generous support and relentless efforts, CCPF's charity endeavors have attracted attention from many enterprises, organizations and individuals in China, calling for more people to lend a helping hand to children in urgent need of surgical treatment.

At the banquet, Ms. Palumbo awarded Wailian Overseas Consulting Group an 'Outstanding Contribution Award', to honor its effort in advancing CCPF's charity program to rescue and treat sick orphans. Ms. Aizhen Shi, Vice President of Wailian Overseas Consulting Group, said that the company would continue to work together with CCPF to improve the quality of life of those little angels.

CCPF: Still a long road ahead

China is a country with high rate of birth defects. As WHO estimates, the average rate is 5.6%, which means about 900,000 babies are born every year with a birth defect and among them, 100,000 are abandoned. There's still a long way to go and a lot more to be done, as everyone has realized, and CCPF has hoped that the charity banquet could serve as a good start to its new journey in China. A total of RMB448,500 was raised at the event and the entire fund will be used to provide surgeries for more sick orphans in China.

On the first day of its China mission, CCPF's doctors worked around the clock to check more than 70 sick orphans and make treatment plans for each one of them. This year's mission is carried out in Nanjing, a special place for Ms. Palumbo where she adopted her daughter 20 years ago. The CCPF medical team arrived at Jiangsu Provincial Hospital on April 7 and its rehabitation team started right away to provide training at the Nanjing Children' Welfare Center to make sure that children would receive high quality postoperative care. Doctor David Roye, CCPF's Medical Director, said it is the smile of those children that gives the greatest satisfaction to the team members.

In addition, CCPF has established a good relationship with Shanghai Children's Medical Center, who expressed their willingness to support CCPF and offered to provide medical assistance for CCPF's future missions.

Charity is not only a one-time deed but also a life-long mission. For 20 years, CCPF has rescued thousands of handicapped orphans in China and helped them live better lives. CCPF believes that with the commitment and assistance from Wailian Overseas Consulting Group, the CCPF family will grow ever bigger and stronger and many more underprivileged children will live a happier life.

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