CCTV Reports OSell as the First Company Using the General Administration of Customs of China's Cross-Border E-commerce Service Platform

2014-07-04 12:35 1437

HONG KONG, July 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Chinese cross-border e-commerce giant OSell's latest move has draw the attention of China's most important media - China Central Television. The appearance on CCTV signifies not only the importance of the event itself but the fact that OSell has become the leader of the Chinese cross-border e-commerce trade industry.

The General Administration of Customs of China has launched its first state-regulated cross-border e-commerce trade custom clearance service platform on the July 1st. Led by the cross-border e-commerce giant OSell DinoDirect China limited, this platform, which integrates a series of related enterprises, will be connected to the Humen port customs clearance information platform. This connection will be the completion of the custom clearance of cross-border e-commerce platform regulated by the the General Administration of Customs. It allows four new types of customers clearance services. It connects the e-port with cross-border e-commerce companies and governments, and helps the e-commerce companies get legal customs clearance, quickening the settlement and tax refund.

This platform improves the customs clearance efficiency, solving the problems like custom declaration, tax refund,foreign exchange settlement. It helps small-and-medium sized companies to expand the international market, and raises the competitiveness of Chinese company.

Just like some of the Chinese cross-border business B2B companies, OSell sells Chinese products to the Russian market. What differentiates OSell from traditional Chinese B2B companies is that it is a part of China's foreign trade system and also a upgraded version of China's foreign trade. It is a global distribution platform that connects scattered small orders from all over the work with Chinese factories. Traditional foreign trade is about huge orders with a big quantity; it often connects one Chinese factory with the first-level of a foreign domestic distribution network. It usually goes through the following steps: Chinese factory-exporter-importer(foreign)-wholesaler-distributor-retailer. Every step in this supply chain strips off the profit, so in the end, the price is not so cheap at all. OSell changes this by connecting Chinese factories directly to foreign retailers. Simplifying and optimizing the supply chain, OSell has met every standard held by traditional foreign trade. It has legal customs clearances, quality inspection and a full-range return policy. "We deal with small orders, not small parcels," said one of OSell's spokesperson.

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