CCTV's First Non-profit Documentary about Cleft Palate Patients 'Dzachuka's Smile' Premieres in Beijing

2013-09-27 22:00 1257

BEIJING, September 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 27, Dzachuka's Smile, a non-profit documentary co-produced by China Central Television (CCTV) Documentary Channel and Smile Train, premiered in Beijing. As CCTV's first non-profit documentary focusing on cleft palate patients, it was produced by the core production team of the full-length documentary The Forbidden City. It is believed this will be a documentary hit on Chinese television after A Bite of China.

CCTV's 1st Non-profit Documentary about Cleft Palate Patients.  (PRNewsFoto/Smile Train)
CCTV's 1st Non-profit Documentary about Cleft Palate Patients. (PRNewsFoto/Smile Train)

The Documentary tells the story of a group of children who are cleft lip victims living on the Dzachuka Plateau at 4,300 meters above sea level at the southeastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, how their lives have been changed by the help of the Lamu Sisters, local officials, and the charitable funding of Smile Train.

"I believe when broadcasted, the documentary can really raise hope for more cleft lip victims. It will also make all those who have worked hard for this project, the Smile Train patrons, the doctors, the nurses, and the volunteers, feel worthwhile," said Liu Wen, Director of CCTV Documentary Channel at the documentary premiere.

"Dzachuka's Smile enables the public to see the cleft lip and palate from a new perspective and realize the pain associated with this congenital defect," said the President of Smile Train Charles B. Wang in his interview with the press. "This is a documentary made with great love. It tells us that, not only the doctors and charity workers can help reduce or even eliminate the pain of cleft lip and palate children, but also anyone who is enthusiastic about the cause, including government officials, journalists, social workers, artists, and others in various capacities."

Smile Train, the world's largest foundation dedicated to cleft lip and palate victims, has launched programs in 87 countries around the world, and funded nearly one million cases of cleft lip and palate repairing surgeries. Smile Train has been operating in China for 14 years, and has established an excellent reputation. It is widely regarded as "the greatest project in New China's history of medical charity" for its influence in society, funding efforts, the number of beneficiaries, and other outstanding performances.

"The Chinese government is dedicated in improving the livelihood of the people. We believe that gratifying changes to the lives of cleft lip and palate victims will take place with increasing support of the Government," said Charles B. Wang at the premiere.

Mr. Liu Wen unveiled in an interview with reporters that "The worldwide television premiere of Dzachuka's Smile is to air on CCTV Composite (CCTV 1) on the evening of September 30, 2013 and to be replayed on CCTV Documentary (CCTV 9) on October 7. Meanwhile, it is selected to compete for the 12th Sichuan International "Golden Panda" Award for Documentary in 2013."

Founder of Smile Train, Chinese American Mr. Charles B. Wang, and president of the foundation, Ms. Susannah Schaefer, along with senior leaders and representatives from China Central Television, the Chinese State Population and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of State Affairs, and China Charity Federation, were present at this event and watched the documentary. The premiere attracted more than 100 people from over 40 media agencies.

Source: Smile Train