CDEL to Offer Self-taught Higher Education Study Process Monitoring Program in Yunnan

BEIJING, Jan. 28 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- China Distance Education Holdings Limited (NYSE: DL) ("CDEL" or the "Company"), a leading provider of online education in China focusing on professional education, today announced that the Company has obtained approval to offer study process monitoring programs for self-taught higher education learners in Yunnan Province, and has signed a multi-year exclusive contract with the Yunnan Provincial Admission Education and Examination Authority (Yunnan AEA), the designated administrator of self-taught higher education in Yunnan, to offer the program.

As part of the agreement, CDEL and Yunnan AEA will jointly develop and operate a new self-taught study process monitoring supplementary education online platform, .

The self-taught higher education program is a self-study program designed to allow learners in China to obtain post-secondary education without having to pass the Uniform Entrance Exams ("Gaokao") or attend a traditional college or university. Degrees are granted by the Ministry of Education ("MOE") to self-taught learners who have passed all exams relating to the diploma or degree courses and who satisfy certain other requirements. Traditionally, 100% of the credits needed to pass self taught programs are earned through final exam scores administered by the MOE. Through CDEL's study process monitoring program, learners can earn up to 30% of their credits from attendance, assignments and quizzes. The program is designed to foster meaningful learning habits and strengthen the overall educational process.

Mr. Zhengdong Zhu, Chairman and CEO of CDEL commented, "Following the successful launch in Tianjin, and new contracts signed in Beijing and Jiangsu in 2009, I am pleased to announce the continued expansion of our self-taught program in 2010 with this new partnership with Yunnan AEA. As a major province in Southern China, Yunnan Province accounts for roughly 150,000 of the approximately ten million self-taught higher education examination takers in China. We expect to see enrollment contribution from the Yunnan program in 2010.

"We believe this contract demonstrates the positive momentum building behind our self-taught higher education program. Given the large market opportunity in self-taught study process monitoring and the strong reputation we have built in the field, we are confident in the long-term potential of this segment."

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Source: China Distance Education Holdings Limited
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