CIGR8 Brand E-Cigs Launches New Website Featuring New Innovation to Vape Market: Prefilled EZ Vape Pens

2014-04-29 23:19 1284

LAS VEGAS, April 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- CIGR8, the rapidly growing electronic cigarette company, has launched a new website ( showcasing their latest innovation to the Vape and E-smoking market: Prefilled EZ Vape Pens.


Research has found 95.8% of vape pen users have experienced leakage from their devices. The CIGR8 patent pending Prefilled EZ Vape Pens are designed for e cigarette smokers who want to enjoy a great vaping experience but do not want to have the leakage hassles.

CIGR8 EZ Vape Pen has a unique clean design, there is no button on the device, activating when users inhale. The tank is completely sealed so there is no leakage problem. Each tank can last over 800 puffs. CIGR8 carries six signature flavors including Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Coffee, Apple and Peach. At an affordable price, CIGR8's new Pre-filled Vape Pen products can be purchased online at and soon to be available in stores near you.

CIGR8 is pleased to announce the launch of its fully-featured website The electronic cigarette, cigar and vaping community now has easy access to the user friendly, high quality online retail facet of CIGR8.

Users now have the opportunity of purchasing CIGR8 products on any computer devices or mobile phones with ease. As part of CIGR8's ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and availability of products online to CIGR8 members and e-smokers worldwide, a new online interface stocked with the company's whereabouts, team member news and CIGR8s ALL NEW product line is at your fingertips.

Once in every great while, a special set of circumstances comes together in one perfect whole. For e-smokers, this is one of those moments; in fact, it's every moment with CIGR8. CIGR8 Electronic Cigarettes, Cigars, and Vape pens, suited for adult cigarette, and cigar smokers, is a timeless smoking lifestyle alternative.

CIGR8 is a trademarked electronic cigarette brand and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. To learn more about CIGR8 products visit

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Source: Merkur Group Inc.DBA CIGR8