Centec Introduces V330 OpenFlow Switch Reference System

SUZHOU, China, September 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Centec Networks, a leading innovator of IP/Ethernet switching silicon and advanced turnkey system solutions, today announced that it has formally released its V330 OpenFlow switch reference system, providing a complete solution from switching silicon to standard ToR switch with system level software integrated. The V330 adopts industry standard OpenvSwitch(OVS) as the OpenFlow switch software stack with standard OpenFlow compliant interface to OpenFlow controllers. V330 switches have already been deployed in Data Centers offering cloud computing services in China. Leveraging the openness of its system software stack and the SDK, users can easily re-design the switch for Software Defined Networking applications such as network virtualization, to accelerate the SDN/OpenFlow development in China and Worldwide.

As next generation networking moves into cloud-centric era, breaking the rigid hierarchy and closeness of the current networks are the keys to enable innovations for network applications; Software Defined Networking (SDN) brings a new paradigm in how networking should be done. By separating the control plane from the data plane, SDN frees network devices from the control plane complexity and allows them to be optimized on the data plane, with merchant switching silicon playing a key role in building high performance network devices for SDN. SDN opens up a new marketing opportunity for merchant switching silicon but also posts big challenges in existing switching silicon architecture and design.

Tianpeng Zhang, co-founder and VP of R&D of Yunshan Network, a pioneer in providing SDN based network solutions in China, says "Centec's V330 OpenFlow switch solution is one of the best in industry and is the first one in China. We have collaborated with Centec in deploying multiple SDN solutions for data centers in China."

V330 is built on Centec's TransWarpTM Series switching silicon and ToR switch hardware, integrated with the most popular open source OVS stack, and optimized with open SDK to allow further customization. It can inter-operate with all mainstream OpenFlow controllers via the standard compliant OpenFlow interface on OVS. Taking advantages of Centec's TransWarpTM silicon architecture, V330 delivers 88G wire-speed switching capacity with superb flexibility, scalability and some unique features:

  • Support 2.5K embedded flow entries with complete match field and stats
  • Support complete L2 to L4 match fields
  • Support per flow multiple actions
  • Support NvGRE, MPLS L2 VPN and other L2 tunneling technology

"V330 switches have received overwhelming interests from the SDN industry, with actual deployment in Data Centers in China, and vendor evaluation by several leading SDN players in US and Japan." said Tao Gu, VP of Business Development of Centec Networks. "Centec has joined Open Networking Foundation (ONF) recently and is committed to SDN/OpenFlow development as an innovative merchant silicon and turnkey solution vendor. Centec will continue to expend its switching silicon family to include a new high density 10E switch and Cloud Fabric solution optimized for SDN and continue to, improve on V330 with open API and SDK to fuel the SDN adoption in China and worldwide."

About Centec Networks

Centec Networks is a technology leader providing high-speed carrier-grade IP/Ethernet switching silicon and advanced ODM/OEM system solutions. Since 2005, Centec has delivered a series of silicon and system products, covering a wide range of carrier access and aggregation market. Centec's cutting-edge silicon products and system solutions enable telecom/network equipment vendors to build complete product portfolios with dramatically reduced development costs and rapidly improved time-to-market.

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