Chengdu's virtual reality city advertisement activity "Panda Rail - VR Chengdu" rides into Germany and Poland

FRANKFURT, Germany and WARSAW, Poland, October 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- From October 28, 2016 to October 30, 2016, the large-scale overseas city advertisement activity called "Panda Rail - VR Chengdu" arrives at the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science respectively.

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The panda bus filled with the cute Pandamen and extremely cool virtual reality devices is like a brand-new Chengdu business card. The successful drive into Germany and Poland has attracted strong attention from the native citizens, tourists, newspapers, television stations, and social media networks.

This is the first time Chengdu VR city advertisement video will make its appearance in middle Europe. Chengdu became the first city to bring cultural communications to middle European countries with VR technology. Chengdu's Pandamen have suddenly become "International Online Celebrity" during the activity period, and occupy the hot search rankings of Facebook, Instagram and other international SNS (Social Networking Services).

This activity wishes for all people to break the boundaries of time and space, and make a special "Intimate Contact" with Chengdu through VR virtual experience. Meanwhile, the enthusiasm and inclusion of Chengdu is also shown to the whole world through a series of thematic displays and roadshow activities. Particularly worth mentioning is the train pattern on the body of the bus, as it symbolizes the "Chengdu-Europe" Rail Express that connects Chengdu and Europe.

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Source: Chengdu Association For Cultural Exchanges With Foreign Countries