ChinaSoft International Signed a Strategic Cooperation Memorandum on Software Development Outsourcing with Kingdee Software

2011-07-29 19:02 1063

BEIJING, HONG KONG and NEW YORK, July 29, 2011 /PRNewswire Asia/ -- ChinaSoft International (hereinafter referred to as "ChinaSoft" or the "Company") (Stock Code: HKSE.354) today announced that the Company signed a strategic cooperation memorandum on software development outsourcing with Kingdee International Software (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kingdee Software"). It aims at solidifying and enhancing the strategic partnership with Kingdee Software, broadening the business scope of the company in the field of EAS.

Kingdee Software, a domestic well-known software services company under Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited, is focusing on enterprise management and IT integration services market in Mainland China. The cooperation between ChinaSoft and Kingdee Software, means inheriting the major segment in outsourcing business of Kingdee Software, which includes infrastructure development, testing, implementation, etc. The Memorandum pointed out that as a development outsourcing framework partner of Kingdee Software, ChinaSoft is the prioritized supplier for development for outsourcing business. ChinaSoft shall build specific development and delivery teams with proper scale and sustainable development for Kingdee Software, reserve and organize appropriate resources so as to ensure timely delivery for the projects.

After the signing of the annual framework cooperative agreement by both parties, ChinaSoft shall ensure proper allocation of resources in Kingdee Software's development outsourcing cooperative business, maintain the stability of the core team, and match with plans of Kingdee Software on outsourcing and manpower demands in specific business areas. Kingdee Software shall ensure capacity export to ChinaSoft in development, testing, project management and other aspects, and offer whole-process technical guidance, on-site technical supervision and other necessary staff support to assist ChinaSoft in quick technical run-in and standardized growth of the development team. Under the annual framework cooperative agreement, both parties shall share the project layout and plans as well as other related information to ensure the allocation of resources and R&D efficiency of outsourcing business.

In accordance with the annual framework cooperative agreement, ChinaSoft is willing to combine its superior products and service capability with market opportunities provided by Kingdee Software to jointly build integrated solutions. Under the premise of being in line with its related business polices, Kingdee Software is willing to share market opportunities beyond its market strategy scope with ChinaSoft to promote and expand a win-win cooperation. Through active collaboration, both parties shall work together to build communication and exchange mechanisms from top management to specific cooperation execution levels, so as to promote the smooth progress of business cooperation, standardize and improve business processes, management requirements and business change management and control in the process of outsourcing cooperation, and promote their long-term, stable and win-win strategic cooperation.

About ChinaSoft International:

ChinaSoft International Limited, "CSI" (354.HK), is a global Information technology service company rooted in China with end to end service capability. The major verticals we cover are: Government and Manufacturing, Finance and Banking, Telecommunications and High-Tech. The Services we offer include: IT consulting, IT technical service solution and IT outsourcing service. CSI has around 12,000 employees located worldwide, including 25 cities in China, Princeton, NJ and Seattle, WA in the US, as well as Tokyo in Japan and London in England.

Source: ChinaSoft International Ltd.