ChinaSoft International to Jointly Build Pharmaceutical Information Cloud with CITIC 21CN and Alibaba Cloud

2013-11-11 12:10 644

BEIJING and HONG KONG, November 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ChinaSoft International Limited ("ChinaSoft" or "the Company") (SEHK: 354), announced that it has signed a strategic agreement with CITIC 21CN Company Limited ("CITIC 21CN") (SEHK: 241) on the Pharmaceutical Information Sharing Program.

CITIC 21CN is a leading integrated information and content service provider in China and it provides product tracking and logistics information services to government authorities, manufacturers, pharmaceutical industry as well as consumers. The application of Product Identification, Authentication and Tracking System (PIATS) has been broadly extended nationally to various products such as medicine, food and beverage, agricultural resources and household appliances, through which staging achievement has been reached, enterprise product brand name and orderly market has been effectively maintained, and helping the market set up a product credit system that has been recognized by consumers, government and enterprises.

With the new GSP (Good Supply Practice) regulation as a starting point, the strategic cooperation between ChinaSoft and CITIC 21CN aims to utilize cloud technology to further expand the application of electronic drug monitoring bar code to pharmaceutical retail sectors including hospitals, community health service centers (stations), pharmacies and others, thereby realizing the goal of regulating and monitoring pharmaceutical product manufacturing and distribution process. This system will also enable electronic connection between health insurance and hospital information systems to share pharmaceutical information. According to the cooperation agreement, ChinaSoft will work as the core integrator of the pharmaceutical information sharing platform, and will be responsible for overall demand research, overall integration solution design and preparation, and application integration and implementation.

Meanwhile, ChinaSoft and Alibaba Cloud will jointly assist CITIC 21CN to migrate its existing pharmaceutical information sharing platform to Alibaba cloud platform and conduct research and development on associated cloud applications. Through the cloud computing technology, the goal to improve business agility and reduce management complexity and control costs will be achieved, and the on-demand and scalable pharmaceutical information sharing cloud services will be provided.

The service coverage of the completed system will extend to all pharmacies, health service centers (stations) as well as the hospitals in the drugs retail sector. Chinasoft will leverage the BI (business intelligent) technologies and capabilities from a number of its large industry verticals to assist CITIC 21CN in collecting and analyzing the large amount of terminal data to provide professional data operation services for the government, enterprises and consumers. ChinaSoft will provide design for terminal equipment, and also provide SaaS (Software as a Service) services through the terminals, as part of a new business model transformation. With this project, Chinasoft has reached a new milestone in its cloud strategy by advancing into pharmaceutical cloud field.

ChinaSoft strongly believes that all over the world the IT services business model is changing due to the evolution of information technologies like cloud computing, social networking, mobile communications and big data analytics. As part of its growth strategy set in 2011, ChinaSoft embraced the Professional, Outsourcing and Emerging (POE) structure. The Company will pursue growth in its traditional IT professional consulting & solutions business (P) and outsourcing business (O) while pushing into innovative and emerging technologies (E) such as cloud computing and mobile communications. The Company believes that this transformation is in alignment with the strategies of its customers such as Alibaba, China Mobile, Huawei and Microsoft.

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