China Education Alliance Exclusively Designated to Develop 'China Future-Youth Elite Project'

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HARBIN, China, March 9, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- China Education Alliance, Inc. ("China Education Alliance" or the "Company") (NYSE: CEU), a China-based education resource and services company, today announced that the Company has been exclusively designated by both the "China Youth Talent Training Center" and "Occupation Authority of Vocational Education of China" to develop a nationwide "China Future-Youth Elite Project."

"China Youth Talent Training Center" is a national training organization established to cultivate youth. The "Occupation Authority of Vocational Education of China" is a leading institution with authority in vocational education in China.  

Xigun Yu, Chairman and CEO of China Education Alliance said, "It is our honor and privilege to be selected to cooperate and represent 'China Youth Talent Training Center' and 'Occupation Authority of Vocational Education of China' to take on this significant project to raise elite youths for our nation. With the recognition and cooperation with these two organizations, we believe the Company has been correctly adhering to its strategy to promote vocational education. At the same time, it further proves that the Company has excellent teaching capacity and quality management. We also believe this project will increase our brand value, giving us opportunities to work with educational centers in the numerous provinces throughout China in the future."

"China Future -Youth Elite Project" is a prestigious talent training program to cultivate promising youths in the development of social responsibility and leadership. Only 30 elite youths in each province will have the opportunity to participate in the program. All teachers are top domestic education experts and the courses cover a wide range of subjects, including economics, culture and others. It is a three year program which will produce 1,000 graduates each year. The tuition will be 98,000 Yuan per student.

About China Education Alliance, Inc.

China Education Alliance, Inc. ( is a fast-growing, leading, China-based company offering high-quality education resources and services to students ages 6 to 18 and adults (university students and professionals) ages 18 and over. For students ages 6 to 18, China Education Alliance offers supplemental, online exam-oriented training materials and onsite, exam-oriented training and tutoring services. The company provides online, downloadable famous-teacher resources and onsite, personalized instruction. All resources and tutoring services are provided by famous teachers within mainland China. The purpose of online exam-orientated resources and onsite tutoring is to help Chinese students (ages 6 to 18) pass the two most important and highly competitive exams in their educational career: the senior high school entrance and college entrance exams. For graduates and professionals age 18 and over, China Education Alliance provides vocational training including IT and several professional training programs.

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