China Fruits Corporation Launches First Nationwide Fruit-themed Beauty Contest in China

Advocating Fruit Culture and Healthy Lifestyle in China's booming Urban Population
2014-03-11 20:00 1008

BEIJING, March 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- China Fruits Corporation (OTC: CHFR) ("China Fruits" or "the Company"), a producer, distributor, and retailer of fresh tangerine and other fresh fruits in the People's Republic of China, launches its "Taina® Miss Fruit" Beauty Contest, the first national fruit-themed beauty contest in China that aims to advocate the underemphasized fruit culture and healthy lifestyle to China's growing urban population.

As the latest step to enhance its retail fruit store brand name, Taina®, in domestic urban fruit market, the beauty contest also sets a stage for the company to present its operational improvements in fruit planting, distributing, and retailing.

"The fruit consumption per capita is expected to reach 60 kilograms in China by 2020, and more fruit consumers are weighing quality over price, especially among the younger generations," said Mr. Quanlong Chen, chairman and CEO of China Fruits Corporation. "We are riding the trend by providing consumers with hand-picked fruits from orchards via our nationwide distribution network, patented storage technology, and expanding retail presence."

"What we have done and are now working on is to keep our production and distribution capacity abreast with the increasing market size and changing consumer preference," added Mr. Quanlong Chen.

A special requirement of the beauty contest is English language proficiency. As a U.S. public company, China Fruits is selecting its brand ambassador not only for its Chinese consumers but for its growing overseas shareholder base.

The finale is scheduled on April 25, 2014, with Miss Fruit and other top three winners being crowned and seven other beauties being honored with individual awards. Miss Fruit is expected to receive a cash reward, brand ambassador appointment, and lifetime free fruit supply from Taina's diversified fruit portfolio.

About China Fruits Corporation

China Fruits Corporation (OTC:CHFR) is a U.S.-listed holding company, engaging in manufacturing, trading and distributing fresh tangerine and other fresh fruits in the People's Republic of China. The Company wholly owns two subsidiaries: Taina International Fruits (Beijing) Co., Ltd., which is building and operating franchise retail stores, and Jiangxi Taina Nanfeng Orange Co., Ltd., which is operating a 782,765-square-foot manufacturing base in Jiangxi Province's Nanfeng County. The Company owns a 98,505-square-foot Express Export Zone in Nanfeng, with air-adjusted and fresh-keeping warehouse, and advanced photoelectric fruit sorter. In Beijing, the Company possesses a 26,700-square-foot distribution center and six franchise retail stores across the city.

With the support from the international capital markets, the company is strengthening the branded franchise fruit retail stores and digging deeply in this niche. From its very beginning of its business, the Company has been awarded with "National Leading Enterprise of Agriculture Industrialization", "China's Most Influential Fruit Brand", "Leading Fruit Enterprise", and "Top Ten Most Trustable Enterprise" among other rewards.


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