China Top 100 Green Companies 2014 Unveiled

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NANNING, China, May 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The new list of China Top 100 Green Companies, an annual appraisal of the sustainable competitiveness of enterprises, was unveiled. The 100 leading Chinese enterprises including Lenovo, Haier, Geely, and BMW were listed for their sustainable business cases, which involved Internet transformation, management platform innovation, globalized R&D, and electric vehicle development, respectively.

Initiated by the China Entrepreneur Club, the China Top 100 Green Companies list has been released for the fifth consecutive year. In 2014, the list was selected from over 1,300 large-sized state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and multinationals' Chinese operations, while applications from individual enterprises were also accepted in the appraisal process.

Getting shortlisted by economic indicator and listed by outstanding performance is a major feature of the appraisal this year. Economic indicators such as business performance, industrial role, competitive edge, and business model are the main considerations in appraising the candidate enterprises. To earn a spot on the list, an enterprise would have to perform strongly in terms of "culture, economy, environment, society, and innovation," and have typical case in either "environment, society, and innovation" that sets a good example to the industry and society.

In terms of geographical distribution of the listed companies, Beijing topped the 2014 list with 24 enterprises and the IT industry was the biggest contributor.

According to statistics by the project team, 48 enterprises have made the list for five consecutive years, with an average operating revenue growth rate of about 17 percent (6 companies which doesn't provide statistics were excluded) and an average net profit growth rate of 234 percent (6 companies which doesn't provide statistics were excluded). Among the 48 enterprises, the average stock price growth rate of the listed ones was 149 percent (8 enterprises which are not listed are excluded). These figures show the strong sustainability of these enterprises' market competitiveness.

"Resolving social problems via business models has become one of the major topics of our time. Not only climatic change, environmental pollution, and food safety, but also wealth gap and community relations have become problems and challenges enterprises must face in a society in which information is transparent," said Liu Donghua, Co-president of the China Top 100 Green Companies project and Founder & Standing Vice Chairman of the China Entrepreneur Club, adding, "Resolving these problems is no longer enterprises' extra burden, but an opportunity to look to the future business. This is also what the appraisal this year underlines."

The 2014 list of China Top 100 Green Companies was released at the 7th China Green Companies Summit in Nanning, Guangxi. Several enterprises listed last year were delisted for either consecutively making losses for two years, breaking laws, causing serious environmental pollution accidents, encountering staff safety accidents, or accidents endangering consumer health and safety.

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