China Venture Capital (Beijing)'s-The Summit for Entity Entrepreneurs' Transformation Successfully Held

- The Summit aims to help entrepreneurs with transformation
2016-03-30 14:20 1208

BEIJING, March 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- China Venture Capital (Beijing)'s -The Summit for Entity Entrepreneurs' Transformation and the formal announcement of the founding of E Venture Capital College took place at Huateng Science & Technology Building in Beijing on March 26, 2016. The event was jointly hosted by E Venture Capital College, China Education Television's Power in Hand and the TAETEA Charity Foundation.

During the event, entrepreneurs and investors from nationwide discussed the new markets, capital methods raise and business models that emerged during the period of (China's) economic reforms. The specially invited guests included Wang Min, Taiyi Investment Management Chairman and Taetea Group Vice President; Wang Daoyuan, China Private Economy Research College Deputy Secretary-General and Sun Yan; President of Beijing Taiyou Investment Management Co.,Ltd. The two summit dialogue focused on two hot topics of China's Economic Development, One is "the difficulty of the Entity Entrepreneurs' Transformation", another is "As Capital promotes the New Entity Enterprise to develop rapidly, it accelerates the traditional Entity Enterprise's transformation and elimination".

E Venture Capital College, registered at the end of 2015, took the opportunity and formally announced its foundation in the presence of over 200 attendees at the summit. Chen Lei, the director, introduced that the College, which was co-founded by hundreds of famous investment institutions at home and abroad and outstanding entrepreneurs, is a huge Venture Capital Combat Platform and is the first one in guiding and assisting the Entrepreneurs' transformation in China. It was originally initiated by several prestigious investors, the founding director of China MBA Development Forum Committee, as well as Secretaries-general, Deputy Secretary-general and Vice President of the China Youth Entrepreneurs Association. At the same time, Director Chen announced two long-term plans on behalf of the college. First, assist 100,000 Entity Entrepreneurs transformation, upgrade their businesses within 10 years and guide more entrepreneurs to participate in the Venture Capital business in China. Second, find 100 worldwide city partners, which will build the bridge between the enterprise and capital market by cooperation in global regions, and to uncover the potential value of those which contain the element of Science and Technology enterprise by market oriented means.

After the inauguration, E venture capital college signed strategic cooperation agreements with the TAETEA Charity Foundation, China Education Television's large Venture Capital Program Power in Hand and Leifeng Capital. The college has reached deep and overall cooperation with all parties. Mr Chen Lei, the executive director of the college, promised that 1% of the college's earnings will be donated to the TAETEA Charity Foundation every year, in order to support the national charity, and to fulfill the college's concept Initiation and Pragmatic, Integration of the World. By way of trustee, Leifeng Capital delivered 10 million funds to the college, to support the initial team's research and development of their products and technology; to help the team get more development opportunities. At the same time, the college will collaborate with China Education Television, combining online and offline way to create a Venture Capital program Power in Hand. By then the Venture Capital people from all walks of life will be invited to the program to dialogue with the entrepreneurs of all kinds of fields, and the strongest power in Venture Capital field will be showed to the audience. The summit strongly promoted the deep integration of the Internet + Traditional Industry.

By dialogue with the investors, the entrepreneurs has upgraded their thinking way, raised the level of strategy layout in enterprise transformation, speeded up the integration of the enterprise and the new financial, quicken the combination of local business and global business wisdom and promoted the capitalized transformation of the entity enterprise.

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