China is Hungry for Raw Materials Suppliers, Projects Collaboration in Antibody Drugs & Cell Immunotherapy

China IVD companies buy more Raw Materials from abroad
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NANJING, China, Jan. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The global In Vitro Diagnostics market is forecasted to grow to $69.1 billion by 2017. China's market will expand at a higher rate of 15-20%. "Unlike leading companies, it's really hard to develop antibodies and reagents at the same time. We hope to buy more high quality raw materials from overseas," said Mr. Shijia PAN, R&D Dir. of Joinstar Biomedical Technology Company."

Blurring boundaries between IVD industry, Antibody Drugs Development, Cell Immunotherapy

Companion diagnostic co-development has the potential to significantly alter the drug development process and commercialization of drug candidates. Precision immunotherapy is based on genetic testing in cancer patients, then finding and enriching precision plant cells for the new antigens which will be transfused to the patient's body after amplification.

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Time: 2016.2.26-28  Location: Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China

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7th Global IVD Industry Summit

Over 350 industry players including Roche, Abbott, Illumina, Siemens, BioMerieux, Sysmex…etc. will join the party. Topics like government regulation, trends & investment, R&D, clinical feedback will be talked.

2nd Immunotherapy Industry Summit

With the technologies going from LAK to CIK and then NK and T cell, Chinese players have entered into the most advanced immunotherapy industry, CAR-T study. Giant biopharmaceutical companies including Novartis, Juno, Pfizer, Kite have already kicked off their study leading the way around the globe. CAR-T has been developing quickly in tumor therapy and considered to be the most profitable technology.

This summit will focus on the latest cellular immunotherapy, market aspect, policy environment, and the latest technology and clinical application trends.

6th Antibody Drugs & Novel Biological Summit

Antibody drugs in China have been in a state of rapid development. Domestic pharmaceutical companies and technology companies are racing to enter novel biologics development. CFDA has put forward new requirements regarding quality as generic drug policy and pharmaceutical companies are working on R&D and production processes.

The summit will be attended by over 300 delegates from universities, hospitals, research institutions, biotechnology companies, etc. 


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