Chinese Dongfeng Arrives in Africa Dongfeng Race Team to Embark on the Journey through the Southern Ocean

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CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Dec. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The second leg of the Volvo Ocean Race has now completed, the Dongfeng Race Team winning the second place. All the race teams arrived in the third stopover, Cape Town, South Africa. On December 7, Dongfeng Motor Corporation held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony entitled "Belt and Road, With You", with an aim to carry out the "Belt and Road, With You" initiative launched in Alicante and to expand overseas business, promote brand influence as well as fully facilitate global sailing spirits and cultural exchange in the countries along the Belt and Road.

The top management and Dongfeng Race Team at Cape Town, South Africa
The top management and Dongfeng Race Team at Cape Town, South Africa

In this ceremony, Dongfeng Motor Corporation and SMT Belgium once again signed the contract to consolidate and deepen their collaboration. At the same time, a collaboration agreement was also signed with Dongfeng Motors Zambia Company Limited as a preliminary intention on business cooperation in Africa. This signifies a further significant achievement of Dongfeng Motor Corporation in Africa.

In the maritime history, the fleet of Zheng He, a famous Chinese navigator from Ming Dynasty flew to the West seven times. In four of these journeys, they reached the current eastern coast of Africa, spreading the friendship between China and Africa and promoting the friendly cooperation between the two sides. With the Volvo Ocean Race reaching Cape Town in South Africa, Dongfeng Motor Corporation is retracing the historical footsteps and using the Dongfeng Race Team as an ambassador to greatly enhance cultural and humanistic exchanges between China and Africa and consolidate the foundation of public opinion, as well as creating and establishing a good environment for implementing the "Belt and Road Initiative". It also serves as a role model for the promotion of more exchanges, more sharing and win-win among countries along the Belt and Road.

After the ceremony, Liu Weidong, Senior VP of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, said, "The future development of automobiles requires two major driving forces. One from technology, and the other from brand building. The concept of  'going global' is to improve the brand value, enhance the brand image and create the world-renowned auto brand, which is an important direction for Dongfeng's future development."

In this October, Dongfeng Motor Corporation launched the "Belt and Road, with You" initiative at the first stopover of the Volvo Ocean Race in Alicante, Spain. As the first Chinese auto brand to practice the Belt and Road initiative globally, it has attracted responses from a large number of global partners, which has comprehensively promoted the global influence and reputation of China's automobile industry. This is undoubtedly the most powerful implementation of "going global" concept.

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