Chinese Environmental Protection Shares are Favorably Regarded by U.S. Investors

HARBIN, China, Oct. 20 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- China Green Material Technologies, Inc. (CGMT) today reported the success of several PR activities held in the U.S. capital market on 8th September. The management team held successful meetings with presidents from some 20 PR & IR companies, as well as communications with dozens of investors.

Through the close cooperation with IR & PR companies, the listing application work has made significant progress. According to relevant regulations of the SEC, with the addition of new independent directors, the Company shall be qualified for listing on AMEX.

The listing application work is carried out against the background of the serious financial crisis on Wall Street. Facing the instability of the financial markets, the Company is happy to see that the price of Chinese environmental protection shares remains stable, becoming one of a few highpoints in the crisis.

Analysts generally accept that, although the financial crisis has hit the investors' confidence, it has little influence on emerging economies of China. Because of the independence of China's emerging industries, the U.S. financial crisis can only affect the short-term performance of Chinese enterprises, and will not hinder the long-term economic development of China.

If the investors respond correctly, maybe it is the right climate for investment. Recently, Warren Buffett has bought a large amount of Chinese enterprises' shares. It is noticeable that the rapid development of the Chinese environmental protection industry is attracting increasing attention worldwide.

The global investors, especially U.S. investors, are confident of the promising future of the green industry in China because of the excellent performance of corn starch-based fully biodegradable packaging materials produced by CGMT and the great resolution of the Chinese government to develop the environmental protection industry.

China Green Material Technologies, Inc. is expected to harvest new achievements in the capital market by means of its good performance in the Chinese market and through good cooperation with relevant IR & PR companies.

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Source: China Green Material Technologies, Inc.
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