Chinese LED Manufacturer, Outrace, Rolls out an Industry 4.0-level Interconnected Solution With its Remote Monitoring System

Jiangxi Outrace Technology Co., Ltd
2015-09-10 20:00 1960

GAO'AN, China, September 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Chinese LED lighting manufacturer Jiangxi Outrace Technology Co., Ltd ("Outrace") recently kicked off its global "borderless facility" program. This features a line of automated, intelligent and standardized LED products which provide an Industry 4.0-level solution. With the CRM+ERP system customers can, whenever and wherever they choose, get a full view of production activities and inventory availabilities of Outrace's facilities across the globe and place orders at the nearest logistics center to the end-clients delivery point.

In addition, Outrace's RFID labeling system allows customers to monitor the whole logistics process all the way through to final delivery. This world-first intelligent customized production solution which is fully aligned with the development trend of the LED lighting sector has been highly acclaimed by many industry players.

At the company's launch ceremony for the program held at its flagship production facility in Jiangxi province on September 6, 2015, Outrace general manager Zhang Jun commented, "Borderless facilities will provide OEM and ODM production management services for LED companies worldwide, with the aim of making green, healthy and affordable LED lighting products accessible to more consumers around the world."

With the launch of the borderless facility program, Outrace expects to make many of its innovative concepts for Industry 4.0 become a reality, including Internet of Things+RFID application systems and the Airbridge automated delivery system.

Zhang added: "Interconnection is the key to Industry 4.0." It is well known among LED lighting industry insiders that in order to successfully upgrade to intelligence and digitalization, highly flexible, customized and intelligent manufacturing products and services need to be deployed at each link of the production chain. However, analysts said that most LED makers failed to upgrade to Industry 4.0, because they are simply unable to get away from traditional manufacturing at a low cost.

Outrace boasts several advantages in terms of making the jump: as a high-level emerging pure LED business with high responsiveness and technology readiness, Outrace has no such burden. Zhang noted that Outrace decided to target the global LED market from the get-go rather than limiting itself to the Chinese market, as part of its efforts in bringing about a transformation of the LED lighting industry and in fulfilling its social responsibilities.

About Outrace:

Established in 2005, Outrace, seized the opportunity that the LED lighting manufacturing presented, successfully achieving breakthroughs and making innovations that were recognized across the industry. Outrace has defined standardization, automation and the ability to scale up production as its core points of differentiation with its peers, and has obtained ISO9001, UL and FCC certifications. The company's investment and achievements in automation equipment are backed by robust support from the Chinese government. As a result of its efforts and achievements, Outrace is now one of China's leading LED lighting manufacturers.

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