Chinese Online Retailer 360buy Group Expands into Overseas Markets with Launch of International Shopping Site

2012-10-18 20:00 994

BEIJING, October 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- 360buy Group (, the leader in the Chinese B2C e-commerce market, is expanding into overseas markets with the launch of its international English shopping site Today, consumers in about 40 countries and regions worldwide can have access to high quality but affordable made-in-China products in tandem with a premium level of customer service through the e-commerce site.

The international site has distinct advantages by offering over 400,000 products in more than eighteen major categories, including bridal wear, handsets, tablet PCs, electronics, books, sports and outdoor goods as well as automobile accessories. A number of major international delivery firms will be appointed to deliver goods to the site's consumers. Taking the lead in entering this new frontier will lay a sound foundation for 360buy Group to establish a footprint in the international arena and is also a critical step in the company's expansion strategy.

In addition, 360buyGroup has initiated a major promotional campaign at to kick off the launch of the site, in a move to get the site known internationally and to attract the world's customers with the site's low prices and high quality.

Notably, besides bags, shoes, wedding supplies, computers and digital products, some exportable items which until now were only readily available in China, as well as new products being offered domestically will be available on the website, in a move to fully meet the diversified demand of overseas consumers.

The global market has, for a long time, been well aware of China's low-cost advantage in manufacturing products. As for bridal supplies, the price of a wedding gown made in China is only between one fifth and one sixth that of one purchased in the US. Moreover, as the Chinese e-commerce sector has grown rapidly and competition has become fiercer in recent years, the quality of the supporting IT, platform, and distribution infrastructure as well as after-sales services have continued to improve, making it an ideal moment for Chinese e-commerce companies to spread their wings and take the plunge into overseas markets.

As China's first B2C e-commerce firm, 360buy Group saw the opportunity and seized the moment in the domestic market. The company has maintained its industry leadership since its expansion into the e-commerce market in 2004 and has maintained an average annual growth rate of 200 per cent over the past eight years, making it one of the most popular and influential e-commerce websites among consumers in China. The company's 50.2 percent market share makes 360buy Group the number one independently owned and operated B2C website in China in the second quarter of this year. With more than 60 million active users across China and Southeast Asia, the company has six logistics centers that it built from scratch as well as 350 distribution stations in core cities across China. 360buy Group is well recognized as the premier source for quality of life online by an ever increasing number of consumers.

Source: 360buy Group