Chinese live classroom brand partners with CCTV's acclaimed educational program The First Lesson

2017-09-28 22:00 1789

BEIJING, Sept. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2017 edition of The First Lesson, a widely popular educational program co-launched by China Central Television (CCTV) and China's Ministry of Education, has recently been broadcast on the national network's CCTV-1 channel. Now in its 10th anniversary, the acclaimed after-school program designed for students from primary and secondary schools across China has gained increasing recognition among viewers. Zuoyebang, a leader in the Chinese K-12 online education sector, has partnered with CCTV to produce this year's edition of The First Lesson, with the goal of creating a meaningful and memorable beginning to the school year for Chinese primary and secondary school students.

This year's program, themed The Pride of China, is aimed at Chinese children and teenagers., an online live course service platform launched by Zuoyebang, has been committed to serving Chinese primary and secondary school students who are always viewed as the future pride of the nation. The platform offers individualized and inclusive education by promoting the development and sharing of quality educational resources via internet technologies and providing access to these resources across China, in particular remote rural areas. 

With a curriculum covering what is taught in all grades from K through 12 and equipped with teachers with many years of experience in the classroom, pioneered a leading teaching methodology while providing interactive courses to students who want to go beyond what is taught in the classroom. The courses are designed to maximize learning effects. The platform is a content and technology-driven, student-oriented online live course that integrates real teaching scenarios and internet-based tailored education and has been proven to improve students' grade averages.

With a focus on helping students cultivate best study practices, including delivering the material in a way that heightens the student's interest in the content, helping the student develop practical skills while expanding the student's horizons, Zuoyebang, through the analysis of user profiles, suggests and offers extra-curricular activities of interest to the student, based on their preferences and aptitudes, including a calligraphy competition designed to allow Chinese primary and secondary students to gain a better understanding of Chinese history and culture while improving their artistic and aesthetic abilities. In addition, Zuoyebang will occasionally host on site visits to some of China's leading and most entrepreneurial companies, where participants can be inspired by innovative ideas making the rounds in the offices of the country's top internet firms while experiencing their different working environments and corporate cultures. As a part of each visit, a dialogue with an entrepreneur is held which allows students to learn from his or her experience in starting a business, stimulating their curiosity about and giving them an opportunity to reflect on the meaning and value of innovation.

The First Lesson, with a variety of new characteristics and multiple program formats, has strengthened its interaction with the audience, becoming a popular after-school educational program among Chinese teenagers. As a greatly popular online live classroom brand among Chinese primary and secondary students, shows success in effectively improve students' grade averages.

An increasing number of Chinese teenagers have developed the habit of watching The First Lesson on TV with their parents or classmates. As the partner of the program, has successfully evolved into a product that helps students quickly solve problems they encounter in the course of their studies. 

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