ChipSiP Introduces "SiMEye Smart Glass" and "Smart Home Server" to Stimulate Real-time Information Service Business

2014-06-05 09:00 1860

TAIPEI, June 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ChipSiP Technology Co, Ltd. (Taiwan: 3637), the leading company in turnkey SiP solutions (System in Package), showcases "SiMEye Smart Glass" and "Smart Home Server" at Computex Taipei 2014. George Tai, President of ChipSiP, points out, "The two tiny devices, designed by system miniaturization technology, features instant access to information and real-time communications that allow users to enjoy a smart life on the go with the 'real-time' and 'mobile' information service."

Featuring live updates for everyday's activities and line-of-sight information, ChipSiP provides a booth tour guide for visitors via SiMEye Smart Glass, which can display videos and audio linked to exhibit images in line of sight. Such great development can be applied to other scenario of exhibitions, museums and tourist attractions. More smart features of SiMEye Smart Glass include visual world sharing in real time, a live view chat with your family and friends in a remote distance, the standard Android platform to allow users to download their favorite apps right away and enjoy the wearable entertainment, instant access to information anytime, anywhere through any cloud service, phone calls and message management in real time without taking phones out. The SiMEye Smart Glass can be operated by either hand gesture or touchpad.

ChipSiP will launch a portable VR (Virtual Reality) Head Mounted Display model soon among its smart glass family. With optimized design in weight and size, gamers will be able to enjoy immersive virtual reality entrainment at any place.

Additionally, ChipSiP introduces "Smart Home Server" to address an optimistic outlook on seamless flow of information for daily life. The Smart Home Server is designed to serve as the hub of a smart home, which highlights remote intelligent services including smart TV connection, media content sharing across multiple devices over wireless, home cloud data access, storage and management, instant access to home network, remote home security monitoring and video recording; power energy control and management, family healthcare management. Connecting to the single and Android-based Smart Home Server, home members can enjoy media streaming, live home surveillance, auto control of home appliances and health monitoring via mobile devices from anywhere in the house or on the go.

Source: ChipSiP Technology Co, Ltd.
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