Chongqing Based E-commerce Company OSell Aims to be the World's Leading Cross-border E-commerce Company

2014-07-09 12:35 1603

HONG KONG, July 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Chinese cross-border e-commerce giant OSell's latest move has drawn the attention of both domestic and international media, which includes China's most important media outlet -- China Central Television and Russia's prestigious news agency ITAR TASS. Coverage by these media outlets signifies not only the importance of the event itself but the fact that OSell has become the leader and pioneer of the Chinese cross-border e-commerce trade industry.

The General Administration of Customs of China launched its first state-regulated cross-border e-commerce trade custom clearance service platform on July 1st. Led by the cross-boarder e-commerce giant OSell DinoDirect China Limited, this platform, which integrates a series of related enterprises, will be connected to the Humen port customs clearance information platform. This connection will be the completion of the custom clearance of cross-border e-commerce platform regulated by the the General Administration of Customs. This platform improves customs clearance efficiency and enables for the smooth handling of custom declaration, tax refunds and foreign exchange settlement. It helps small-and-medium sized companies to expand into the international market, and raises the competitiveness of Chinese companies.

Headquartered in Chongqing, the fourth biggest city in China and the economic engine of South West China, OSell is now the leader of the Chinese cross-border e-commerce industry. Supported by the Chongqing government, OSell has blossomed into one of the biggest cross-border e-commerce companies in the world, unrivaled by its domestic competitors.

OSell is a global distribution platform that connects scattered small orders from all over the world with Chinese factories. It connects Chinese factories directly to foreign retailers. Simplifying and optimizing the supply chain, OSell has met every traditional foreign trade standard. It has legal customs clearances, quality inspection and a full-range return policy. "We deal with small orders, not small parcels," says Wangkun, a spokesman for Osell.

Being at the forefront of the countries' e-commerce development, Chongqing is a pilot city designated by the National Development & Reform Commission for e-commerce economic development. Known as an incubator for innovation, Chongqing has drawn the world's attention with its stunning economic achievements and its desirable innovation-preferred policies. The Chongqing government attaches great importance to cross border e-commerce and issues a number of policies to support its development. It is committed to building a new cross-border e-commerce model by providing a policy-friendly environment.

Source: DinoDirect China Limited