Corporate Real Estate Summit to Emphasize the Economic and Social Benefits of 'Going Green'

CoreNet Global
2007-03-15 09:56 1122

CoreNet Global Summit Will Highlight the Financial and Environmental Opportunities Associated with Adopting Sustainable Workplace Practices and Building Green

SINGAPORE, March 15 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Environmentally friendly real estate is expected to dominate discussions at this year's CoreNet Global Asia Summit scheduled to take place in Singapore this month at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia from March 27-29, 2007.

According to Mr. Mike Zamora, CoreNet Global's Asia Regional Chair, this year's event will focus on the increasing importance for the Corporate Real Estate industry to make environmentally sound choices - a timely issue given rising concerns regarding global warming and the usage/rising cost of non renewal resources.

In 2005, the Pew Center on Global Climate Change published a report which estimated that approximately 43 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions result from energy services required by residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

"However, embracing an ecologically sound approach to facilities involves more than simply reducing carbon dioxide, saving water or recycling materials. It is a holistic approach which starts at the business level getting corporate buyoff and continues through the design, construction of the facility all the way through the on going maintenance of the facility," comments Mr. Zamora.

"More significantly, we need to transform the way buildings are constructed and operated so that environmentally and socially responsible policies become the norm for companies, with the end result being a safe, healthy and appealing environment, which helps enable businesses and does not hinder them," he continues.

To help build awareness for 'going green,' Mr. Zamora stated that CoreNet Global's forthcoming three-day Summit will feature three educational tracks addressing issues around the theme, 'People, Planet, Profit: Corporate Real Estate & Sustainability for the 21st Century.'

"Awareness and understanding of environmentally sensitive processes is important when formulating an effective real estate and facility strategy," says Mr. Zamora. "By attending the Summit, delegates will thus learn about key trends in Corporate Real Estate and sustainability, while hearing from experts about how to plan for the future given technology changes."

He notes that each educational session will offer best practices, business solutions, compliance strategies and the most efficient methodologies for meeting today's sustainability challenge.

Furthermore, delegates will be able to participate in discussions on specific sustainability topics, including:

-- Leading Development Strategy Change: The Service Provider Role;

-- Integrated Workplace Management Solution at Nokia: The Solution that

Drives Decisions;

-- Mobile and Flexible Ways of Working in Asia: Tried, True and New;

-- Green China: Momentum and Transformation in Progress including an

example of a LEEDs Certified Building in China;

-- Creative Approaches to Sustainable Development in India;

-- Nanotechnology Materials for Truly Sustainable Construction;

-- Adobe Systems Adds Green to the Bottom Line;

-- A Balanced Business Approach to Sustainability;

-- Creating Your Enterprise Sustainability Plan.

"These educational programmes are a key part of CoreNet Global's strategy to educate Corporate Real Estate professionals and provide them with valuable information that they can put into effect immediately for the organisations they serve," concludes Mr. Zamora.

"This year's Summit is therefore an ideal avenue for Corporate Real Estate practitioners to acquire knowledge, and to prepare for advancement, in an industry that is becoming increasingly environmentally sensitive."

Interested parties can register for the summit by contacting Ms. Eleanor Estacio on (1) 404 589 3217 /, or Ms. Jennifer Gao on (8621) 6122 1251 / Alternatively, please visit for details.


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