eoCross-cultural Workshop Between Swedish and Chinese Dancers and Musicians, May 10

2010-05-07 15:20 1315

SHANGHAI, May 7 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- The cross-cultural dance workshop between the Chinese dance club Yarose and the Swedish Bollnas Fiddler Group is a unique opportunity for dancers and musicians from two different countries and cultures to come together and learn from each other.

Bollnas Fiddler Group is a Swedish local folk music orchestra currently in China in order to perform at the World Expo 2010. Formed in 1934, the group has a goal of awakening, preserving and spreading the interest for folk music in the Swedish city of Bollnas, primarily through active music making.

"Cultural exchange is always enriching. Despite the differences there are certainly similarities in which we can unite in a common dance. We hope to forge links between our groups that may lead to a future exchange," said Bengt Jonsson, music team leader at Bollnas.

The Chinese dance club Yarose, founded by Jenny Yao in September 2006 has grown steadily since its incarnation. Today, the club has around 400 active members, swinging their hips to everything from belly dance to the traditional Chinese dance like Ta Ge.

Ta Ge is the very first Han Tang Chinese classical dance that was conceived in the 90's by professors from Beijing Dance Institute. Inspired by paintings and artefacts from the Han Dynasty, the dance vividly portraits a spring outing scene of young women who are overcome by the beauty of Mother Nature.

"We feel excited about this workshop since fusing multicultural elements into dancing has been something we have long cherished. In Jenny's choreography you can see elements from many different dance genres from East to West. We believe dancing, like many other art forms, is a universal language that is not confined by geographical nor by cultural boundaries," said Michael Yu from Yarose.

Dancers of Swedish folklore and traditional Chinese dance seldom dance to the same tunes. However, in this unique cross-culture dance workshop, the Nordic Folklore Champions Bollnas will do their take on the famous Jiangsu folk song "Mo Li Hua" and the Yarose dancers will perform.

May 10, 5.30pm at Yarose Shanghai Bay

Room 268, Shanghai Bay, No.1138 South Pudong Rd, close to Pucheng Rd.

Tel: 021 6888 2652

Source: Consulate General of Sweden