DG310 Mobile Phone is Coming Soon, Available Only on on 15th july, 2014

2014-07-09 22:00 1777

HONG KONG, July 9, 2014 Doogee has established itself as leader in the phone industry and now, in response to the success of its Voyager DG300 phone and input from users, Doogee is proud to announce the pre-sale of its long awaited DG310.

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To facilitate the sales and marketing of this exciting new phone, Doogee has partnered with online consumer electronics giant to offer the exclusive first sale of the DG310. This step will open a large new market to Doogee as DX has loyal customers all over the world. This new partnership reflects the power of Doogee and

These two partners are excited to release the new model Voyager II DG310, which retains the good looks of the Voyager series and adds great improvements in internal configurations such as memory expansion, systems upgrades, and chipset improvements. Not only that, but now the DG310 brings Doogee's great quality to more people than ever thanks to the addition of WCDMA 1900 MHz, which makes the phone compatible with 90 percent of the world's countries and networks.

Following in the great tradition of the Voyager series phones, the Doogee DG310 promises to be a truly world-class smartphone with top of the line features at a great price.

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Source: DealExtreme