Delta Powerboats Wins Over Yacht Lovers in Hong Kong and Macau with a Unique Scandinavian Design and Outstanding Performance

2013-12-12 10:30 1901

HONG KONG, Dec. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Swedish brand Delta Powerboats recently sealed the deals for a Delta 33 and a Delta 40 with two boat lovers in Hong Kong and Macau respectively. Both buyers were not only attracted to the unique clean Scandinavian design of Delta's exterior and interiors, but also were immediately impressed by the performances both models offered.

Delta Powerboats' Delta 33 and Delta 88 IPS models
Delta Powerboats' Delta 33 and Delta 88 IPS models

The Delta 33 and its two-step hull bottom design gave her new owner the confidence of a stable ride at high speeds even in rough waves, as he always had to slow down in rough conditions in previous boats he owned. The new proud owner of the Delta 40 was first immediately attracted by the amazing visibility the 360-degree window design the boat offered and was quickly won over by the overall performance of the boat as well. General Manager of the Asia Pacific Area, Tee TzerYu comments, "We are excited about the momentum Delta Powerboats is gaining in this region, more and more boat lovers are expressing interest in our boats not only at shows but also at the marina where our boat easily stands out. The unique design we have and our persistence in quality and performance have already made us a known brand in Scandinavia, and now we see the same trend happening here. All that said, we ultimately want to see our customers enjoying the sea experience with our Delta boats in ways never experienced before."

While yachting is no new sport to boat lovers in Hong Kong and Macau, the unique design and performances Delta Powerboats have been able to bring to the table are no doubt starting to change the game. Designed to ensure minimal noise in the cabin, 360-degree all natural lighting, highly economical fuel consumption, stability and much more, Delta Powerboats offers a new individuality for those who really want to own a one-of-a-kind boat.

The Delta 88 IPS, made with 100% carbon fibre yacht, was also recently introduced as the newest member of the Delta family with a length of 26.3 meters, making her one of the largest yachts built in Sweden. With sporty lines and a modern interior, the Delta 88 IPS was officially handed over to her first buyer in Sweden in September and a second one has already been sold and is being built to be ready for launch next summer. The Delta 88 IPS is also now available to customers in Hong Kong and Macau.

Source: Navinode Limited