DinoDirect Announces New Offer of Cameras and Camcorders Under $100

2011-06-29 21:02 1139

HONG KONG, June 29, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- DinoDirect announces that it will now offer its clients Digital Cameras that are meant to offer the best experience. These digital cameras are meant to make the photographer's life a brilliant experience. Those who like traveling and going for excursions are treated with the best products at that will enable one to get the best images and clips from a trip. Digital Cameras, Network Cameras, and Digital Camcorders are available in many varieties. This gives users a range to choose from as well as a product that will match their taste. The Digital Cameras found at come in a range of screen sizes, capabilities as well as brands. Since the world has gone into the digital world, there are a myriad of activities that one would find important to put in record to rekindle one's memories as days go by and as age catches up.

DinoDirect's Marketing Manager states that these cameras are meant to bring action and joy to your life with the amazing images that you can store with these Digital Camera masterpieces. Not only do you get these brilliant kinds of cameras from, you will as well have a great chance to shop for the perfect shot for every occasion with YONGNUO Camera Flash. The YongNuo YN-460 Digital Flash Camera Flash brings a new level of versatility and capability to flash photography.

The sizes of the Network Cameras make it possible for you to have maximum security since some of them are so small it makes them less visible, thus making them suitable for maintaining good security. These cameras will work great for your corporation or house and the functionality and price that comes with the camera is worth more than you pay.

Spy Cameras are interesting cameras with available options that are astounding. The design of these spy cameras are such that they can never be suspected to be spy cameras and camcorders. Some of the cameras come with audio recording capabilities. The lenses in these devices are very small and hard to detect. Some of the designs available for these Spy Cameras are: USB Flash Disk style Digital Video Recorders, Mini pocket pen with color camera, watch-like pin hole cameras, torch-like cameras and camcorders as well as sunglasses-like cameras and a myriad of many more. When conducting spy activities during the night, the digital camera YongNuo YN-460 flash is designed to assist you in lighting up the subject more efficiently. Get this, and you will have no problems carrying it since it is small in size and lightweight at around 250 grams, thus making it easy to hold in the pocket.

The Underwater Cameras are as well brilliant, being waterproof, and powerful enough to provide clear and uninterrupted pictures and videos. The cameras are meant for fish observations and taking photos of underwater creatures as well as features and fauna found under the water. This can as well be used by divers and rescue teams and anyone else who might be interested in underwater activities.

These and many more kinds of cameras are available at DinoDirect will provide you with cameras custom-made to your specifications and at a price that is affordable with numerous discounts.


DinoDirect China Limited ( is one of the biggest global online retailers. It offers a great quantity of products at competitive prices by cutting the middleman and offering products directly to the terminal consumers. possesses a great many software products with proprietary intellectual property rights, owns technological superiority and is an efficient marketing team among similar industries.

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