DinoDirect's Sale Offers Hundreds of Must-have Products for Every Student

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HONG KONG, August 18, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Whether we want it or not, the summer is saying "Goodbye". The first half of August is already gone, and there are just 2 weeks left until September knocks on the door. It is the beginning of September when all parents and their kids realize that the summer vacation is over, and school starts very soon. It means that parents and kids have very little time to prepare lots of things - Book Bags, school gear and plenty of other items are needed for the new semester. Fortunately, DinoDirect has managed to surprise its customers again, as it is launching a new Back to School Sale for 6 days. It will start on August 17th and will be discontinued on August 23rd. So parents and kids had better not wait until the last moment, and take maximum advantage of what DinoDirect is offering.

Book bags are a must-have for every student. Not only do they need to look stylish and nice, but they also have to be comfortable. There is no doubt that every student is very enthusiastic about his new book bag too, because it will be used throughout the year. So there is no surprise that every student wants to have a great-looking, stylish and comfortable bag which will wow classmates. "Luckily, DinoDirect offers hundreds of models of book bags, and some of them are offered at really amazing discounts," said the executive marketing director of DinoDirect. So it is definitely worth checking.

Of course, students need something more than a bag. We all live in a technically advanced world where students do not use only pens and notebooks during the lessons. Considering purchasing high-tech toys such as an Android Tablet or a Quad Phone could turn out to be a very good idea. Not only will they be useful to a student by giving them easier access to the Internet and plenty of other features, but they can also be a great gift for the beginning of the new semester. And as those high-tech toys are usually quite pricey, it is definitely worth taking advantage of the discounts which DinoDirect has launched. Let's remind that they will last just 6 days for all those products - from August 17th to August 23rd.

It is worth saying that DinoDirect has definitely thought about some cheaper gifts which parents could give to their kids for the new semester. A part of the other products which are discounted include Educational Toys, Guitar Instruments and Stereo Headsets. The three of those could be used for editorial purposes as well as for fun. So it would definitely be a smart idea to let the kids have fun while they are studying lots of interesting facts. The best of all is that it does not have to cost a lot of money. Everybody knows that economy is unstable, and money definitely must be saved. So considering DinoDirect's special offers can definitely help any parent spend at least 50% less on school and educational products.


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