Chinese Market Will be the Future of China's Textile Industry

2010-10-18 22:31 698

BEIJING, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Frbiz's subsidiary website reports that the current prospects for international market demand still include many uncertain factors, regarding raw materials, energy, rising labor costs and other factors for Chinese textile enterprises in production and operation, causing greater overall pressure. For this the Chinese government has issued a series of policies and measures to increase consumer demand for economic stimulus, and the future of China's textile industry will see its own domestic market become an important market.

Under a series of positive policy drives, the current textile products market has begun to appear relatively stable. The future of China's textile industry will accelerate the pace of structural adjustment; actively responding to all sorts of problems that may occur.

This financial crisis caused the world economy structure to change, and the textile industry needs careful consideration of factors including how to further explore new market development, how to more effectively develop the domestic market, and how to continuously enhance their capability. emphasized that after the international financial crisis, the state council has clearly stated China's textile industry positioning, and fully reflects the Chinese textile industry regarding the country's economic development status and role. The current state in the macro-control obviously requires Chinese demand, especially to stimulate consumption. Therefore, the Chinese market is the future of China's textile industry. The textile industry's core competitiveness still lies in the textile enterprise.

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